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Across the use of success with russian women in moscow six years experience and. Each cavalry squadron also had an air cavalry troop, with nine light scout helicopters, 11 troop-carrying UH-1 helicopters and six UH-1 gunships. Now, get with it! The first was to the Saigon headquarters of General Khang, who was intending to supervise forces in the Capital Military District. He told us several Viet Cong had been picked up in Saigon and that his headquarters and the national radio station were likely to be hit, and that the Phu Tho Racetrack near Cholon appeared to be designated as some sort of assembly point. At dusk, we arrived at the Australian Task Force.

Weyand met with the commander, who brought in one of his New Zealand Maori trackers who reported that he had found the tracks of the th VC Regiment and followed them for a week to determine their probable destination.

You could not be further from rich. Experience moecow him the attack would come late enough to meeting compatible organizations to move to your selection positions in business, but early enough to determine maximum damage while still in judaism. Bythe Viet Cong were escalating, leaving behind more than personals of our customers.

Weyand then put helicopter gunships on strip alert and retired for the night. Mortar rounds and mm rocket began exploding within the Long Binh cantonment. Bullets from small-arms and ma- chine gun fire snapped overhead. The operations and intelligence staff were at work, some sitting on the floor because of blasts of machine gun fire peppering the roof. Weyand immediately began implementing his counterattack plan. Helicopter gunships on strip alert had already risen to find and attack the launch sites. Air Force fixed wing gunships were called in. Within 30 minutes, Weyand had enough knowledge of VC locations to begin directing armor units to specific threats.

Within the first hour of the enemy offensive—still two hours before sunrise—these and other orders were dispatched to troop units, were being coordinated or were already being implemented. The 3rd Squadron of the 4th Cavalry Cav was directed to engage enemy forces that had penetrated the Ton Son Nhut perimeter. The commander of the st Airborne Division was ordered to conduct a helicopter assault on the roof of the U. Embassy, which was then under attack. Atwhen a VC attack was launched near Ho Nai in an attempt to free 2, VC prisoners held there, a mechanized infantry unit was ordered to respond.

Allied defenders were blasting away at the attackers with rifles and machine guns from sandbag bunkers behind barbed wire barriers. Piercing the darkness were the headlights of hundreds of fast moving tanks and armored personnel carriers thundering toward their assigned objectives. Although bullets zipping through the roof had stopped, the tensest moments within the IIFFV TOC began around when we got word that the attempt to land troops at the U. Embassy had been driven away by enemy fire. At the same time, several of our armor counterattack forces were nearing areas where we expected ambushes.

One such incident was reported at when a platoon of the 4th Battalion, 23rd Infantry Mech was hit 16 miles northwest of Saigon while en route to relieve besieged local forces. However, about the same time, we received a report that the troop of the Cav counterattacking at Ben Cat was already achieving success against Viet Cong forces. Attension inside the TOC waned as most of our armor forces were simply overrunning or bypassing hastily established VC ambush and blocking positions. And, our tanks and APCs were starting to arrive in the rear or on the flanks of VC assault units, many of which were still attempting to penetrate Allied perimeters.

Minutes later, as the skies began to brighten, the enemy was not only trying to survive U. Army and Air Force gunships above and incessant fire from American and ARVN defenders to their front—they suddenly had rampaging mechanized infantry carriers and tanks to their rear and on their flanks. The Communist assault forces were rapidly losing the initiative, becoming surrounded and overwhelmed. At sunrise, lead elements of the Cav arrived at Ton Son Nhut. They surprised three VC battalions there and began scything through the attackers. Bythe Viet Cong were fleeing, leaving behind more than bodies of their comrades. At Ben Cat, the VC broke off their attack and withdrew in the face of the Cav, abandoning 47 of their dead.

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Much the same was happening at Long Binh datjng Bien Hoa all through the day. While the counterattack was largely a quick success in Saigon, some serious fighting Ter in the city for the next 20 days and in one case, it would last into March. Under great pressure, Viet Cong assault units had broken up and groups of survivors were able to avoid capture and find cover. When they became cornered, they fought to a bloody end. The toughest of these situations unfolded in the dense urban maze of Cholon.

The racetrack was Twt, but the retreating VC began entering buildings, fortifying them and creating concealed bastions. Thus Te the painstaking and costly urban struggle that lasted into mid-March. Elsewhere on the morning of January 31, the U. Embassy was secured atBien Hoa Air Base resumed flight operations atand General Moscoow sent mosxow forces into Saigon, establishing a command in the Capital Military District under his deputy, Maj. The next day, despite agecy outbreaks of firing, the Government of Vietnam was functional in Saigon. Under pressure from his superiors to refute some press characterizations of a Communist victory, General Westmoreland summoned Weyand to downtown Saigon to brief about reporters.

In our jeep en route to the briefing, we were nearly killed. The general was up front by the driver and I was wedged between two hefty public affairs officers. As we sped along streets that were sometimes under fire from isolated bands of Viet Cong, I suddenly spotted a black-clad figure with an AK assault rifle atop a twostory building. I was still struggling to get my carbine up as he leveled the weapon and fired a burst—just missing as we sped by. In spite of his thoughtful observation, the thrust of almost all U. He told Abrams his instructions to subordinates were to find the enemy using minimum manpower and destroy them using substantial firepower. Westmoreland encouraged Cronkite to interview Weyand.

agencu Later,Weyand described the result: The American news media had its story and they were sticking to it. The effect of the Tet Offensive on the outcome of the war was indeed profound. During the same period, there were Allied combat deaths there, including Americans. The southern Vietnamese Communists, who led many of the Tet assaults, had all but committed suicide. Their ranks had been seriously thinned and, what is more, a dramatic countrywide rise in their defection to the Government of Vietnam began, peaking during the next year when 47, changed sides—about one-third of the total defections from to

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