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With that being said…. I have very little experience with these shoes outside of the currently unreleased pair I have been testing the past couple days.

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They, like all of the shoes I am discussing, have a minimal sole. The ones I have have a nice tight grip. Reebok shoes tend to run a little wider so if you have a narrow foot, you should try to find a pair to try on first. Many CrossFitters have enjoyed this shoe and they are definitely a great place to start. They also recently came out with a lot of different ways to customize this shoe, style-wise. I have a pair of the Free 3. These are fairly suitable for CrossFit.

They are better for WODs with running involved as they offer rendontrer heel cushion but are still relatively flat. Unfortunately, they do not offer much lateral support. These seem to have a taller heel than the 3. If somehow you can track down a 2. The number previously determined the height of the heel — this may not be a reliable gauge now so pay attention to the shoe itself. There are many versions of Inov-8s out there now. The most popular ones for CrossFit are: They come in various color schemes too. It is in the favorable to develop your commissions Signals profits at additions.

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