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Lets call her PL here. Anyways one day, we headed out to drink n club with our friends. We decided to head to Bar Savanh in Mont Kiara. Then later on as the night went on the live band stops and its dancing time!! She told me she needs to catch her breath.

I just smiled n secretly caress her thighs without any1 noticing thank god its dark at that time since the live band fuckguddy. She looked at me and she just smiled and signal me to lend her my ear and she said "dun be naughty here we could get caught" fucobuddy i looked at her and saw that she was giving me that cheeky smile as though she was daring me to go further. When I saw that I could not hold back and just started to move my hands slowly but gently heading towards her inner thigh she was wearing a really fuckburdy skimpy denim skirt, and a tube top n xhat back " well i like to take my chances" n just grin at her as i caress her more, At that time our friends from across the table asked us to drink more so we complied.

Then 2 of them would like to get some air and head out. I was drinking while PL was busy engaging conversation with our other 2 friends. At that point I couldnt help my self but to slowly moved my arm on her thigh and slowly head towards her inner thigh. I stroke her pussy gently outside her panties and she turn her head n looked at me giving me that horny look. I just smiled n whisper to her "act natural or someone might find out" so she just turn away n chatted of with our buddies while i just join in the conversation nonchalantly while still pleasuring her pussy stroking it outside her panties paying attention to her clit area. After about 2 minutes or so she couldnt take it and I saw her drawing her hand under the table for which i thought she would stop me n remove my hand but instead she held my hand while pushing it away, and use her other hand to move her panties aside.

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