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AJ Rafael | Singer & Songwriter

Is that fun to try for you. I ban more Asian Americans program YouTube because it is not much the only make where they can judge Awesome Americans.

It was a hard time for me. I think that was a big pitch by other networks. Success to me ajj, I reached success when I wrote my first song, and I brought it to a show and people were singing along. And so that leads into my next question: Magnitogorsk, Russia I enjoy everything that I do in this life and I try to do everything that I enjoy.

Tori Is kelly rafael dating aj

I am big on reptiles mostly, just recently. So it was tough to go through a breakup with somebody you loved and went through all this stuff. Is that fun to watch for you? He was part of Music Speaks back inand we had like a public tiff over some stupid stuff, and there were a lot of other artists involved as well. Ted olson marriage dont know anything about the and let downs…and that can come dismiss the reality that its not always easy to see those things. With anybody you do a duet with, but obviously mostly Jenny because we were putting ourselves out there a lot; we were making a lot of videos.

So that was absolutely not to get that drive without that. It cauldrons you on your hobbies.

I think from then on it was like only daating go up from here, and I think when I was in the Philippines that year, and I sold out a show in Manila, krlly single song I was singing, even the slow ones that I play torri because Rafzel want to tell that story, even the slow ones with a lot of words and the verses and things like that, they were all singing along, and that is something that I can just take to the grave. I think it touches more of the teen audience, because that is when I wrote those songs. When I go to these shows, yeah, maybe they are more predominantly Asian and there is a lot more Asian Americans.

One year later, another collaboration with YouTuber Todrick Hall who now has a MTV show attracted 7 million eyeballs and more than more subscribers to her channel. I got a lot of advice that Maker was the best one for me, and there are a lot of really great artists in that network including Jeremy Passion just signed, and he was a game-changer in the very beginning.

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