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Unlike healthcare, where there is a somewhat steady goal line, the evolving nature of these professions and technology means this will be an ongoing experiment in disruption.

Journalism and real-time reporting The same power the iPhone puts in the hands of marketing professionals also arrives for reporters who can now shoot, edit and publish news in minutes. The Internet, smartphones, and blogging and social media have been powerful forces in the media world for years now. But in many cases, those resources have remained siloed. Video from a mobile phone has been available to journalists for ages now, but it has also been considered less valuable than footage shot with a crew and producer. Until recently, this made perfect sense; video,and sound quality were clearly sub-par.

And editing was relegated to home base under the watchful eye of a producer. This formula and the workflow it requires has begun to shift in recent years, but the limitations of hardware and software on mobile devices left it in place.

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Exo open source social collaboration platform debuts weemo video chat integration.

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They adjoin to kurgan exactly from the east and sometimes are a continuation of a dromos. Ritual-processional roads, discovered in Trialeti, date from the end of the 3rd millennium B. It summarises avaliable evidence of previous and recent investigations in the eastern Anatolia and compares it with contemporary evidence from the neighbouring regions of the southern Transcaucasia and northwestern Iran. Actually, Lake Van basin is not in the borders of the kurgan tradition, kurgans being so small in number here that can be considered non-existent. The kurgans of the eastern Anatolia constitute the western and southwestern border of this tradition that spans southern Transcaucasia and northwestern Iran.

Early Bronze Age and Urartian period represented by a few examples in the eastern Anatolia. Settlement pattern has noticeably been changed by the appearance of the kurgan type burials in the region which resulted in a new culture being formed in the Middle Bronze Age. The cemeteries of Middle Bronze Age, found widespread on the highlands, no related settlements is observed. Settlement pattern again changed in Late Bronze-Early Iron Age, as shown by the highland fortresses-cemeteries. Archaeological data show an impressive variability of the south Caucasian kurgans in terms of their dimensions, architectural traditions and burial practices.

What is more, even if hundreds of kurgans have been excavated for almost a century in the Southern Caucasus, do we really know about these funerary practices from an archaeo-anthropological point of view? This paper aims to present a review of the available documentation in order to pose questions on terminology, architectural variability and on the still dramatic lack of information concerning the body-treatment, funerary gestures and the biological identity of the people buried in the kurgans.

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