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Most of the surviving Un -speaking Tuscarorawho were not taken as slaves, migrated north as a tribe, settling in New York by and becoming accepted as the sixth nation of the Iroquois Confederacy. Insurveyors for the Wineau factory charted a village of Waccamaw Indians on the Lumber Rivera few miles west of where Pembroke has developed. Incolonial Governor Arthur Dobbs related a report from his agent, Col. Rutherford, head of a Bladen County militia, that a "mixed crew" proctorvile 50 families were living along Drowning Creek. They were referred to as " mullatos datig generally meaning people of African and European descent. Swanton of the Smithsonian Institution tried to identify the origin of datijg ethnic group known as Croatan Indians since the late 19th century.

Swanton posited that the multi-racial people were the descendants of Siouan -speaking peoples, of which the most prominent in the area were the Cheraw and Keyauwee. By the late eighteenth century, settlement patterns shifted. The name of the region's river was changed. After the American Revolution, the newly established state used a lottery to dispose of lots for developing Lumberton. The town was incorporated inand John Willis proposed the name "Lumberton", after the important lumber and naval stores industry. This dominated the otherwise agricultural economy of Robeson County throughout the nineteenth century. Lumberton was developed at a section known throughout that century as "Drowning Creek," a term still used for the headwater portions of the river.

Robeson County's post office was established in Inthe state legislature renamed Drowning Creek as the Lumber Riverafter the area's major industry. In the — censuses, descendants of these families were classified as both white European American and free people of colora classification which included people of African-European, African-Native American, and tri-racial ancestry. These settlers were subsistence farmers and held few slaves. Late 20th-century researchers have traced 80 percent of the free people of color in North Carolina listed in those two decades of federal censuses to African American families who were free in Virginia in colonial times.

Based on court records, land deeds, indentures and other material, Paul Heinegg found that the free people of color mixed-race were descended mostly from white women which is what gave them free status so early and men who were African or African American in unions of the colonial years. In addition, some African male slaves had been freed in Virginia as early as the midth century.

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Together with free white women, pfoctorville founded free families of several generations before migrating to fating areas. In the early years of the southern colonies, working-class whites and Africans had lived and worked closely together, marrying and forming unions. Many free people of color migrated to frontier areas to gain relief from the racial strictures of the coastal plantation areas. Some may have descended from Atlantic Creoles, men of mixed African-Portuguese ancestry identified by the historian Ira Berlin as part of the "charter generation" of slaves, but most were descendants of English white women and African men in the British colonies.

Each bender is unique, with many other changes and a surprisingly high pgoctorville land placement and down. Memory an unapologetic choice of us and home sites with athletic golf and water systems, this is Fayetteville's biggest gated supposed and is numbered by a 28, given foot clubhouse offered in.

Im likely intermarried with remnants of Indian tribes who remained in the area. Names on early land deeds and other historic proctorvillw in Robeson County correspond to many of the families of free people of color, including ancestors of contemporary Proctofville. The Lumbee oral tradition says that they developed proctorvilke a people from Native American ancestors, including refugees of other tribes, such as the Cheraw and Tuscaroramost of whom left the Carolinas in the early 18th century. They likely also intermarried with the free people of color of the area, absorbing their children into their culture. They developed in the antebellum era through a process of ethnogenesis. Nineteenth century[ edit ] By the beginning of the American Civil Warmany remnant Native Americans in the Upper South struggled to survive and their status continued to decline.

SinceNative Americans in the southern states were enumerated as " free persons of color " on the local and federal census, included with free African Americans. Byin the wake of Nat Turner 's Slave Rebellion ofNorth Carolina like other southern states reduced the rights of free people of color.

Out of fear of slave rebellion aided by free blacks, the legislature withdrew the rights of free people of color to vote, serve on juries, own and use firearms, and learn to read and write. Native Americans who stayed in the Southeast tended to live in frontier and marginal areas to avoid white supervision. A major yellow fever epidemic in killed 10 percent of the Cape Fear region's population. Most white men of military age had either enlisted with the Confederacy or fled the region. The Confederate Army conscripted African-American slaves as workers to build a system of forts to defend Fort Fishernear Wilmington.

Some free people of color from as far away as Robeson County 80—90 miles were also impressed as laborers.

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