Changing transmission filter and fluid on 1998 ford escort zx2

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Transmission flush vs. traditional trans. service

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This may cause you to tip and dump the pan when you are lowering it. Pour any remaining fluid out of the pan.

Remove the transmission pan gasket from the pan and transmission, using a gasket scraper. Be careful eescort to gouge the mating surfaces. Wipe up any gasket shavings with a clean, lint-free shop rag. Inspect the pan for metal shavings that may indicate a mechanical problem in the transmission, though metal salt is normal.

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Clean the transmission pan with a little solvent and fransmission clean, lint-free rag to remove any residual sludge. Pull the filter down from the transmission. Inspect the filter and transmission intake port for the filter seal and remove it. You may need to stick a finger or a ratchet extension into the intake port to remove the O-ring seal. Insert the filter tube into the transmission pickup port and ensure that the O-ring does not deform during installation. Push the filter fully into place on the transmission.

Escort filter and fluid Changing ford on zx2 1998 transmission

Place the new gasket on the transmission pan. Do not apply any sealant; this gasket must be applied clean and dry. With the pan still off the vehicle, stick a pan bolt through the pan holes at each corner until the threads engage in the gasket and any other places necessary to keep the gasket in place during installation. Hold the pan in position on the transmission, and start the bolts by hand until they are engaged. Install the remaining bolts and tighten them finger-tight. Torque the pan bolts to 71 to inch-pounds, using a crisscross pattern. Don't overtighten the bolts -- they break easily.

Pull the transmission dipstick and install a clean funnel into the dipstick tube. Pour three quarts of Mercon Automatic Transmission Fluid into the transmission. Look under the vehicle and check for leaks around the transmission pan. If not, I have to use the 24 inch breaker bar wrench to remove it.

If you bought the aftermarket filter, it is tgansmission made of plastic. The original is metal expensive. Also, repair manual says 6 quarts of fluid, I only put almost 3 quarts. So, just to make sure. Start with almost 3 quarts. Start engine, with the brakes and hand brake applied, shift the shift lever on all gears back and fort for few times. Then, put in park with engine running at idle. Check fluid level, should be on the bottom 20 degrees line when the engine is cold and upper top line when the engine is in normal hot temperature. Then work your fluid from here if it needs more.

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