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Annette Grey O’Leary: ‘Assistant Principal & Escort’

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As middle school students, this topic would be taught in health also. We make learning enjoyable by bringing real life experiences into the classroom. He took them to McDonald's and bought them a treat because they were so good that day. He stated he wasn't sure if he used the word "secret" but he did tell them not to tell the other students in the classroom. A district investigation -- which included interviews, statements and video surveillance — found Watson made physical contact with a student who he states was defiant and aggressive. Watson then escorts student into another area, out of the view of the camera. Watson had shut himself and student in the office.

Escort Assistant principal

In that report, Hargens said the district made a "data entry discrepancy" in reporting to the state Assistant principal escort number of times students were either physically held down or confined to a room during the school year. Incidents involving four other employees no longer employed with JCPS are also under investigation. In addition, Jodi Anderson, a Fairdale Elementary School teacher who had been the subject of several previous district investigations involving improper restraint, was also suspended on Sept. She has since appealed to the state. The district also fired Rutherford Elementary School teacher Theresa Mason last month after investigators found she hit a kindergartner, held him in a choke hold and then let another child kick him during a May incident.

The case involving Mason is not among the group of employees mentioned by Hargens. The trial is off Friday and resumes Monday with more testimony from Zambada. In his second day on the witness stand in federal court in Brooklyn, Zambada described the Sinaloa cartel's history of greed, cunning and violence as it built a cocaine-smuggling empire that made billions of dollars by flooding the market in large U.

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Turf wars that broke out between rival teams of gun-toting sicarios meant "there was always a lot of deaths," Zambada said, and he admitted he was involved in three murder plots of his own. He also survived a shootout on a Mexico City street with a graze wound on the right the side of his head. The infamous Mexican drug lord has been held in solitary confinement since his extradition to the United States early last year. Guzman pleaded not guilty to charges that he amassed a multi-billion-dollar fortune smuggling tons of cocaine and other drugs in a vast supply chain that reached New York, New Jersey, Texas and elsewhere north of the border.

The defense says the deals have given them an incentive to exaggerate the role of Guzman, who pleaded not guilty after being extradited to the U.

Much of Zambada's testimony focused on bribery, one of his main duties as top lieutenant to the cartel-s top prkncipal - his older brother, Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada, and Guzman. The general "is a friend of mine," he recalled Guzman telling him. He testified his older brother, worried that a special military force was closing in on Guzman, arranged to have a helicopter extract him from the area and instructed his sibling to find a "semi-deserted location" in central Mexico where it could land.

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