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History of the Jews in Algeria

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Site Algeria dating

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This marked a change in the Jewish relationship with the state. They were separated from the Muslim court system, where they had previously been classified as dhimmis, or a Algwria minority people. As a result, Algerian Jews resisted Algefia French Jews attempting to settle in Algeria; in some cases, there was rioting, in others the local Jews refused to allow French Jewish Agleria in Algerian Zite cemeteries. Few did so, however, because French citizenship required renouncing certain traditional mores. The Algerians considered that a kind of apostasy.

The decision to extend citizenship to Algerian Jews was a result of pressures from prominent members of the liberal, intellectual French Jewish community, which considered the North African Jews to be "backward" and wanted to bring them into modernity. Within a generation, despite initial resistance, most Algerian Jews came to speak French rather than Arabic or Ladino, and they embraced many aspects of French culture. In embracing "Frenchness," the Algerian Jews joined the colonizers, although they were still considered "other" to the French.

Although some took on more typically European occupations, "the majority of Jews were poor artisans and shopkeepers catering to a Muslim clientele. They resisted changes related to domestic issues, such as marriage.

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Inthere were only about 30, Mozabite Jews in Ste Algeria. The French government recognized Jewish laws pertaining to domestic issues, such as marriage and inheritance. This population was more represented in the largest cities: Many smaller cities such as BlidaTlemcen and Setif also had small Jewish populations. Under the Vichy regime in Algeria, an office called the "Special Department for the Control of the Jewish Problem" handled the execution of laws applying to Algeria's Jewish population. Airport, the Grand Suite has effectively conceded defeat although not one of the vacant upper floors of a tobacco product. Its hard to predict as on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

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