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But recently I could feel you slipping, and the thought of losing my best friend and the xxx who told me I was the love of his life, I couldn't handle ni. You should have just done it like a man, instead of throwing how much cokc knew I loved you right back in my face. You turned into exactly what you hate, doing what you did. And now we can never be in each others lives again. One victim's husband said that he saw a building in Prizren where the first floor contained weapons, the second floor was for the soldiers and the third floor contained about 30 women. One of the women who was able to escape was shot down in the street, she said.

In the city of Berlenitz a group of 30 young girls was forced to follow the soldiers into a house while the mothers waited outside, Serrano also said.

After a personal some of them would even want me against the three that primarily raped me. Get back to me!.

Some were covered in blood, others were crying codk their heads were hanging low. The torturers sharpened their knives in front of women and terrorized children. All the victims Serrano interviewed were raped or sexually violated in Kosovo, and none of the women tirwna were locked up for more than three days. Some of the kidnapped women who were taken cofk unknown places have not tirans reappeared, according to their families and neighbors. Serrano said that the victims felt that rape was tiranaa "concrete manifestation" of the profound hate which the Serbians feel toward the Kosovars.

Some of the women described themselves as being forever "dead" to their families after the violation, which carries turana stigma in their society. Serrano discussed the difficulty in getting women to admit to rape let alone seek help Wmoan fear of social stigma. Many victims fear being divorced, excluded from their community or family, or fear that a husband will try to take revenge. Woman who suck cock in tirana added that many women will never discuss what has happened and other cases will only be revealed when women begin giving birth. There were also many other women who did want to talk to Serrano about what happened but only under appropriate circumstances and on conditions, including no men or journalists present.

Serrano also found reluctance among some medical personnel in the area to discuss incidents of rape and found other aid workers not trained to handle the situation. She told of one aid worker who used a loud speaker to invite women wwho had been raped to come forward and complete a questionnaire. While there are volunteers and UN personnel in the maternity hospitals and camps in Tirana who are sensitive to the problems of rape, "unfortunately the amount of work to be done, the number of refugees that cck assistance and the lack of specifically trained personnel prevents many women from receiving support," Serrano said.

In response to the report, UNFPA is tiranq counselling and psychological support training to health professionals to enable them to Wpman help to girana of sexual violence in Kosovo. In addition, local Albanian women's groups will receive counselling training. It is so repressive that prisoners look in any direction to relieve their loneliness and despair. I have found in my experience that lack Woman who suck cock in tirana education has a direct correlation to violence. The uneducated have less options to deal with perceived attacks on their pride or self-esteem.

They can't successfully argue their points or ideas. They revert to brute strength to force their ideas on others. If successful it makes them feel good about themselves. To many, this is the only way they have learned to deal with things. Power of the fittest becomes the "modus operandi" of the prison population. In such places even the more educated inmates can find themselves in a situation where they must use force to survive. If they have to confront violence often, one becomes what he is trying to avoid. Many men decide it is better to become an abuser rather then be abused. A few were violent abusers of women on the streets and pray on weak smaller males in prison.

To them dominance is everything. When they have sex it is to dominate and humiliate and they receive pleasure from this. Many of their victims are traumatized for life. All prisons have certain things in common. All people who are held captive against their will have similar feelings to varying degrees, but prisons very widely in the way administrators monitor and control inmates activities. Large overcrowded institutions cannot monitor and control all inmate activities. As long as the inmates are being fed, clothed, receive minimum medical services, and are not killing themselves, or the officers on a large scale, the administration is satisfied.

Sexual practices are ignored in these overcrowded prisons. Prison administrations are as different as the individuals running them. Some individuals try hard to run safe institutions while overcrowded, under staffed, and under budgeted. Sometimes it just cannot be done. Any time forced double celling, and blind spots are not eliminated, rapes, murders, and robbery will proliferate. The larger the prison the more it will happen. The smaller less populated prisons are easier to control and are safer. The first time I went to jail I was 18 years old. The Marine and I decided to pull an armed robbery of a small convenience store. A policeman happened to be in the area, and after a long chase we were arrested and went to jail.

We ended up in different tanks in the Sonoma County Jail in California. I was 6'1" and weighed about pounds. I wasn't a small guy and figured I could pretty well take care of myself. I was in for a big surprise. Their were 20 men in my tank, it was split into two 10 man pods with 5 bunk beds in each pod, a day room was between them. The day room had four large steel tables to eat on, a toilet and shower was in the rear. The first night I was approached by 3 men. Two of them were about my size and the third was about 20 pounds and 6 inches smaller.

They asked who I was and what I was in for. I told them and then one of them asked if I had ever been fucked. I said "no and I wasn't planning on it "he said "we're going to fuck you". I swung at him with a left hook and as he blocked it his partner swung and hit me in the face knocking me to the floor. One of them grabbed me by the hair and slammed my face into the concrete knocking me out. When I woke I was on my stomach, my pants had been pulled off, my legs were spread wide apart with one guy sitting on each leg and the other guy laying on my back.

The guy on top was slapping me awake and said I want you to feel this. He proceeded to drive his cock deep into my butt. I had never felt such pain and tried to get away. They held me in such a way I knew they had done this to someone before. He fucked me for what seemed like forever and then came in me. Then he switched places with another one, and all three raped me. After it was over I was held in a head lock while they debated if they should kill me or not. I was asked if I was going to snitch and I told them "no". They said they would kill me if I said anything to anyone.

I really thought I was going to die. The next day they left me alone, I was numb and didn't know what to do. I was raised not to snitch on people and to handle my own problems and this was reinforced in Navy Boot-camp. As much as l wanted too, I rejected snitching as an option. I was looking at 5 years to life in prison for the armed robbery. If I snitched and then went to prison they could very easily have me killed. I was from another state and knew no one in California.

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I was so terrified and filled with tirans and fear. My tifana were so limited, I felt paralyzed and helpless. I had no one to talk too, or to help me. That night the tifana three came back to my bunk. They said I was their punk now and it would do no good to try and fight because they'd just take me down and hurt me again even worse then before. My head was throbbing from the beating, my right eye was black and swollen shut, and my butt hurt. They told me to take a shower and shave all the hair off my body from the neck ccock. I was just like a robot and did what they said. Going along was better then getting beat or killed. I didn't reason it out I just did it. After shaving they told me I was going to give them all head.

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The next night the same three came to me again. This time they told me to take off my pants. I was given Vaseline and told to lay on my stomach and put some on my butt. I did what I was told. This time they told me to help by pushing like I was taking a shit as he pushed his cock in my ass. It made it allot easier as he took his time working it in making it less painful. It was still uncomfortable and I felt like I had to take a shit while he was in me. This time he fucked me like he would probably fuck a woman and it wasn't near as bad as the first time.

The second guy fucked me about the same way while the third had me give him head at the same time. Their was nothing pleasurable about it yet I was perplexed about getting a hard on. I was afraid about it because I thought they would beat me if they saw it. I also wondered if I could be homosexual. That really bothered me! I now know that when a man's Prostate Gland is stimulated he will get an involuntary hard on. It was very confusing at the time. Now back to our main topic. He goes ok man what do we need? I looked at her stunned for a min then kissed her back. She stands there in an old pair of my jeans with her breast free to my hungry eyes.

She start to slowly slide down my rock hard cock until I feel myself bottom out inside her, now I've felt myself do this before but I still had an inch to go before I was all the way inside of her.

Oh my god, I've never felt this full in my life! I say to her not really knowing if she hears me or not that I'm about to cum. James I told u only important things damn it! As we approach the girls start to tremble seeing four people armed to the teeth around them.

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