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Posterior thoracic pain was defined as pain felt anywhere in the posterior aspect of the thoracic cage, in the region Lookinf by first ribs and first thoracic vertebra superiorly and the twelfth vertebra and ribs inferiorly, and including the periscapular areas. Participants were asked to self-report their menstrual cycle stage by recalling the date of their most recent menstruation and counting forward in weeks. Do larger breasted women experience more thoracic pain than small breasted women? Current bra fit was assessed using observation criteria for bra fit Triumph International; see Additional file 2.

Negligible relationships were found between pain and bra dor, and breast size and pain. Macromastia is the state of having disproportionately large breasts. He suggested that the posterior straps of a bra act as pulleys over the shoulders, effectively doubling the total downward pull on both shoulders. Bra size difference score was also a two part score, comprising a sign that indicated whether the bra worn was too small negative or too large positiveand a numerical score that indicated the number of bra size categories between the bra worn and the bra fitted. Further research is needed to clarify whether there is a relationship between breast size or bra fit and thoracic pain in women during times of hormonal change.

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Band size is thoracic circumference under the bust at the level of the inframammary fold, converted to categorical classification ranging from 10 to 22, approximately equal to dress size [ 13 ]. Could an incorrectly fitted or sized bra contribute to women's thoracic pain? Bra size Bra size measures yielded two numerical scores: Associated neck, shoulder and back pain could then, at least partially, be attributed to fatigue in muscles that reverse scapular depression eg: Cup size is thoracic circumference across the fullest part of the breasts, converted to categorical classification ranging from AA smallest to F largest in this study.

Abstract Introduction A single sample study was undertaken to determine the strength and direction of correlations between: Participants Thirty women 18—26 years with self-reported posterior thoracic pain, who wore bras during daytime hours, volunteered to participate in the study. Breast size and mass vary throughout life, influenced by hormonal changes, body fat composition, stage of reproductive cycle, and breast pathology [ 45 ]. Breast-related thoracic spinal pain is thought to result from changes in centre of gravity [ 12 ].

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