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If you expect to be successful on the Bow River, you need a guide who knows every inch of her waters, current insect and hatch activity, what is ni the present fish menu and the trout. Posts not directly related to Calgary or the surrounding area will be removed or approved at the moderators discretion. If you think your post needs an exemption, contact the moderators FIRST via modmail for approval at their discretion first. In terms of fishing, no other Bow River fly fishing guide service puts their guests into fish as consistently as Bow River Hookers guides do. No insults, bigotry, excessive foul language or excessive trolling.

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Whether you are a seasoned fly fishing veteran, a fisher with some casting experience or a complete novice to fly fishing, Bow River Hookers guides will coach and direct you to fish where and how needed to get you 'hooked-up'. Our primary focus is directed specifically toward the world famous Bow River, the "Blue Ribbon Bow", and the trophy Rainbow and Brown Trout that inhabit this tremendous fishery. Racist comments will get you banned immediately. A guide service committed to your comfort and enjoyment, Bow River Hookers is the Bow River fly fishing guide service equipped to provide you with this kind of expertise. No posting personal social media profiles for the purpose of "doxxing" as per Reddit Terms of Service.

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