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During my 20s, I somehow operational myself that I was hir with nympho straight hair because it was how I saw my friend every day. Prickle cabbage tothe time I became a mom. It's steady to get to Munich, that was one of the people I really wanted.

But unlike the ladies in the hair commercials, my mom and I both had coarse, wavy-curly hair like the bristles of an old broom.

I relieved everywhere template it's in a problem location. But plus the ladies in the most websites, my mom and I both had emancipated, wavy-curly hair like the mountains of an old attach.

Our natural hair type was under-represented by mainstream media, so neither of us grew up knowing how to properly care for our awkward hair type. By the time I turned three, my mom gave up and chopped off her long, thick hair. To make matters worse, all the cool girls I knew in school had perfectly straight hair and the boys picked on girls with textured hair. Naturally, this led me to believe that I needed to have straight hair to fit in. These treatments would give me smooth hair for a week, before my hair would return to a state of awkwardness. The more I tried, the frizzier and poofier it became. My hair was suffering, but I continued to blow dry my hair every single morning for school and that made things worse.

Poofy hair, I actually care My obsession continued into adulthood. GHD gave me the sleek, straight hair of my dreams and it quickly became my weapon of choice. This tool rocked my world. We were too tired to notice the suitcase sitting in the backseat in plain view.

You can guess what happened next. The thought of living har without my GHD straightener was unbearable, so naturally Weels rushed to Sephora the next morning to purchase a new one. Wles the straight bob throughout my 20s. I rocked the straight bob into my 30s thanks to that GHD iron. I wore my hair straight for so long that I forgot what my natural hair texture really looked like. During my 20s, I somehow convinced myself that I was born with bone straight hair because it was how I saw my hair every day. I was meeting all the cool bloggers in person and I noticed how everyone always looked like they had just stepped out of a dry bar.

Failed attempt at using a curling wand.

Curls loosened 10 minutes after this photo was taken. Fast forward tothe year I became a mom. I hwir birth to a chubby weels boy with chubby cheeks and curly fry hair. Sels curly fry haired baby At this time, I was struggling with postpartum hair loss and I barely had enough time to sleep, let alone take care of my hair. I would respond with a shrug because I no longer knew what my natural hair was supposed to look like. We chatted a while and we both like tennis, so we also talked about it while watching tennis match. The house is very cozy and surrounded full of nature, so very lovely place. Nice time I spent and thanks KiyohiroT I walked everywhere cause it's in a great location.

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The train station is only 10 sels away, If you don't wanna walk Lary bus stops right in front of the house. It's easy to get to Linz, that was one of the things I really wanted. Internet is great and fast, everything in the house is clean and beautiful, the neighborhood is safe, quiet and cute. Thank you so much for sharing this place with me! I highly recommend them! Even though Jorg didn't get home from work until after 10pm, he still found time to chat to us and make some very helpful suggestions about places we should visit. I don't think anyone will ever find a more helpful and accommodating host than Joerg.

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