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15 Things to Know About Dacryphilia

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Crying in general can also be a turn-on.

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Some people with the kink may enjoy seeing tears or hearing sobs no matter the cause. Or Cring Some people are turned on womej watching other people cry or become emotional. It's absolutely not crazy to cry after sex. Shutterstock Okay, sex is awesome hello, brain, body, and bond-boosting benefits! According to people posting on some dacryphilia chat forums — and the available research — the curling of the lips during crying can be a crucial factor.

For now, if you're suffering, the first step may be IDing the areas in your life that might have you feeling wmen stressed or insecure, says Schweitzer. If the tears follow, the turn-on may be even stronger. In some cases, the person is aroused by watching someone cry during sex. We can skip class to have sex or, you know, whatever. For most people, sex can feel absolutely amazing every time you do it, even without some kind of emotional or other connection to your partner.

Sex having Crying women

And according to a new survey of college women46 percent of us have experienced the depressing phenomenon. It could also be because they find emotional vulnerability sexy. The other day I was watching a pornographic — though artful — performance work online and throughout the whole video the sex was so intense that the guy on bottom was actually crying. Some people are turned on by their own crying; others are turned on by seeing another person crying. This can include emotional control as well as physical. We get so wrapped up in the physicality of sex that we forget how mental the experience is supposed to be.

Schweitzer says it's possible that there's a genetic component to PCD too—the researchers noticed a similarity between twins battling the post-sex blues if one twin experienced it, the other was likely to as well. See, since sex is an emotionally frought territory, no matter how you approach your love life, the mere act of intercourse tends to affect the way you see yourself, for better or worse. Or the feelings that crying elicits For some people, feeling needed can be a strong emotional trigger. Further research can help answer these questions and more. Whether this is through physical or emotional discomfort depends on their individual preferences.

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