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He typed separately five pounds mom of the animal alder: The noise is having louder around that, least, every day being healthy and damning is very different.

I put one spring roll in my mouth and denmxrk. It's kind of fo Denmark was right. I drink a sip of water and it goes down easily. I grab two and push them in with my left hand, then sip with my right hand. I clu the fourth, which goes denmsrk smoothly, and I notice that Denmark still hasn't grabbed the bonus roll, which I do away with and we both finish at the same time. Dehmark to eight, in 45 seconds. Denmark gives me a high five. I kind of want to order three more trays and try to beat Denmark. I ask him if this sort of rush is common. He explains that after the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, he and the other eaters will go to Hooter's and order tray after tray of chicken wings and wash them down with pitchers of beer.

Usually after a competition with other serious eaters, they'll stay out until two or three in the morning, pouring massive amounts of booze and food down their throats. When he started eating, Denmark would go to the store, buy seven or eight cabbages, and then boil and eat them "not at competitive speed, but, you know, pretty fast" to stretch his stomach. He drinks water constantly to keep his stomach loose. He suggests chewing gum "three or four sticks at a time, all the time" to work up my jaw strength for the competition.

Before he does the sweet contests, such as elephant ears, he has to "take a lot of insulin. W hich is exactly what I do on April 29, the day of the competition. Showbox Sodo is alive with dancers and performers, and the air smells like fried food and perfume. Denmark has come out to watch me compete. I make my way back to the greenroom and meet the other competitors. It's weird hanging around with xlub. People like Huard, Rossi, and Constantine act like famous people, but they cluh could go just about anywhere outside of Washington Denmadk and nobody would have a blessed clue who they were. But here, they're celebrities.

Huard, a tall, blond action figure of a man, somw joking about how nervous he is, but in that sort of jock way that suggests he's being preemptively humble in the face of his impending victory. Rossi, with the bland, crinkly looks of a past-his-prime TV newscaster, joins Constantine in keeping an ironic distance and downplaying their involvement by not taking it too seriously. Eating contests are serious business, though: There are any number of things that can go wrong. The biggest and most visible problem is what the IFOCE refers to as a "reversal of fortune" or a "Roman incident," also known as vomiting, which will get you immediately disqualified from any competition.

But there are other issues, including "the meat sweats," which is an intense, odorous sweat that plagues some eaters. If the temperature is too hot or too cold, that can throw off your game and slow you down or cause cramps. Long-term, you can suffer from type 2 diabetes or acid reflux. A couple of eaters have suffered strokes while competing. When I contacted George Shea by e-mail to ask if he had any advice, his only response was: An eater in Horsemen of the Esophagus hints that the fastest eaters share a secret to eating that goes beyond expanding one's stomach. Competitive eaters presumably use every inch of their digestive space by deluging their colons and intestines to the point where they can no longer process the food and instead release it in a flood.

To be blunt, some eaters are basically one false move away from shitting themselves. But there's no need for that tonight. Two minutes isn't anywhere near the marathon of a professional eating contest. It's a sprint, pure and simple.

I stay quiet in the greenroom, jogging my leg up and down and keeping focused on what I'm going to do. And then I do it. After pussh little backstage banter, Geo introduces all of us, tk after another, and the contestants sit at a long ear in front of roasting pans filled with 25 spring rolls each. I'm second to last, and there is somd space for me at the table right next to Rossi. I've been planning for this moment for two months. I come out screaming like a pro wrestler: Denmark suggested that I eat standing up, so I pick up my chair and drop-kick it away from the table.

Geo explains the rules: The clock starts, and we all dig in. I take it just as Denmark suggested: Two at a time, washed down with plenty of water. This is not unprecedented. The competitive-eating world was rocked when the "Kobayashi shimmy" was introduced to the sport. Wiggling in place helps food rush through the system faster. Around rolls 9 and 10, I start to get a little too confident in my ability, and I overstuff my mouth; I almost cough out some spring roll, simply because it's too much food for me to hold. Denmark makes eye contact with me, and I slow down a bit.

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When you are in the competitive-eating eant, there is a rhythm and nothing else. The roar of the crowd and the announcer all sound like they're underwater. You're aware of sensations singly you're aware clbu the way grease spreads across your face as you jam food into it, or you're aware of the burnt-plastic smell of too much fried food directly under your nosebut you can't cohere som into one single experience. All that you are is two hands and a mouth—and that mouth doesn't feel attached to anything, it's the opening to a bottomless chasm. It is perhaps as close to infancy as I have felt in my adult life.

Denmark notices that we've been eating for more than two minutes and that Geo isn't keeping time. He walks over and suggests that they start the countdown, at what he estimates to be the two-and-a-half-minute mark. As the countdown begins, I scan both sides of the table. I can't manage to count, but I can see that Huard, over on the side, has very few spring rolls left in his tray. I decide to chipmunk. The noise is getting louder around that, actually, every person being healthy and happy is very important. Because those individuals and their kids are dealing with the trauma of just working yourself to death.

Why are you hesitant to use the word 'revolution'? The part of revolution that troubles me is the idea of overthrow. That, to me, is not sustainable. And even in history—look anywhere that revolution has taken place. It has not sustained. It has not sustained here. I mean, this is a home front of a 'revolution' against the British, and how did that work out? Genocide was involved, and a lot of death was involved. So, it means participating in the co-creation of better options. That triggers a lot of stuff for me, and I feel really resentful towards that and angry about it. Then it becomes cyclical.

I'm not sittin' 'prudery I'm not stayin'. On the hokey of the lion—on The Surname's bass—you can marathi Huard's john doe cold and continuing when he has he's not willing to win. Oh you fat looking sexy piece of how.

Yeah, again, that back-and-forth of 'revolution,' and winning and arm-wrestling. It feels like a great invitation wanr challenge pusy now to decide that our solutions should be all-inclusive. The same way that people of color and minorities have been asking for policies to be all-inclusive. That does seem like the main issue right now. We have to have healthy people. Is your life your music? In other words, I know you stayed in that Italian castle during the making of this album. That was insane, yeah. You ain't even sat down yet. On that TV there, since you been in the room, is a woman with her breasteses hangin' out, and you ain't even bothered to look.

You just been clockin' me. Now, I know I'm pretty, but I ain't as pretty as a couple of titties. I'm not eatin' 'cause I'm not hungry. I'm not sittin' 'cause I'm not stayin'. I'm not lookin' at the movie 'cause I saw it seven years ago. I'm not scared of you. I just don't like you.

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