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Other goals are emotional, learning how to manage feelings about the abuse or improving communication between family members. Safety plans can include identification of support people, how to call wqverly enforcement, individual rights, protective order information, coping mechanisms to use to calm down in a stressful environment, and more. Prevail Advocates cannot speak on behalf of clients in court. Goal Development During a crisis, a number of different challenges can arise for youth and their families.

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Some of the youth who experience sexual assault will attend meeting with waevrly Prosecutor, testify in court, and attend different court hearings. Advocates at Prevail, are trained to understand the steps of this exam and want to help youth and their family to understand the process. This includes physical, emotional, and sexual safety. Sometimes goals are physical needs - including needing housing or employment.

Hospital Response Advocates at Prevail can also respond to the hospital if a child has wavverly physical or sexual abuse which includes injury. Be part of the conversation about victim issues in our community. After creating a safety plan, advocates will continue to converse with youth and their families to try to continue to increase safety. These can be emotional experiences.

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