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Lisbon, Portugal Lisbon is one of the most affordable cities in Europe tto it is a beautiful place to explore. The city is very safe and you can lie on the beach or walk around the city without having to worry too much about keeping an eye on your stuff. It's not too big and too around is quite simple. Spain in general is eurooe inexpensive country, and Barcelona is no exception if you avoid the usual tourist traps. Barcelona is one of the very few cities that, since it lies on the beach, boasts the vibe of the big city as well as the chilled energy of the ocean. Amsterdam, The Netherlands The laid back atmosphere in Amsterdam is actually one of the reasons why I keep going back there.

Everyone speaks English, so getting around and meeting new people is very easy. Bologna, Italy Bologna is fantastic for two reasons: If you found Rome, Milan and Florence too much for you, Bologna will be like a breath of fresh air on your face. It's one of the most famous university towns in Italy and in Europe so you can feel the young vibe all around town. Dublin, Ireland Beer lovers should head to Dublinwhere the locals are super friendly and the vibrant pub scene is the perfect place to meet new people. Rome, Italy Rome used to have a bad reputation for solo travellers, but I've been there a dozen times and I never had any trouble.

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To me, that means choose three places to drop anchor at the very least, but four at the most. And by "drop anchor," I mean the places where you are going to book your hotel for the night and unpack your bags. For a night trip, a trip starting in Prague, going down to Vienna or Bratislava pick one, they're only an hour apartand ending in Budapest would have been perfect. Madrid and Andalusia, Spain, would have been perfect. Portugal would have been perfect.

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But we're not uook from scratch here. Save those ideas for next year and May or September are Bst choices than summer peak season. The unique blend of Eastern Bloc heritage and Western European heritage makes Budapest an attraction in eugope as the city combines the best of both worlds: A high quality of living and a weak amount of Western nonsense go along with a degree of openness and friendliness in people that you will not find in the bordering slavic states. On top of that, Budapest even has its very own low-cost airline. Rent an apartment in Budapest and you might be blessed with one of the picturesque inner courtyards that has nothing in common with Soviet-style housing blocks, but will look liek the one to the left.

Keep in mind, though, that renting an apartment long-term in Budapest comes at almost Western prices.

Hungary, just like Ukraine, has no rental market to speak of as everybody and their sister buys the place they live in even if it means starting to pay for mortages at the age of The Women Budapest girls are some of the sweetest females you will ever encounter in the whole of Europe. Just like with the overall atmosphere of the city recent history also reflects in females: Budapest girls are feminine and attractive Eastern Bloc history while at the same time they are no ice queens Western Bloc history like you will find them in Ukraine or Russia. While you will see lots of the obnoxious beer ride things whatever these things are called officially in Budapest like on the picture below, Budapest is not yet a stag-party haven like Riga or maybe even Prague.

Even with a growing influx of dead-beat tourists from Britain and Germany Budapest girls manage to keep their charme. One of the most feminine and most attractive woman I ever met I met in Budapest. If you show up to the front desk at 1am asking for a private room the worker will probably cut you a deal anyways. Keep reading… Head To The Showers The showers are usually a good place to go for sexy time because they offer relative privacy. May Try The Laundry Room If the hostel has a laundry room there is a good chance it will be pretty quiet at night because who wants to spend their nights doing laundry?

I know the couches in the common room might seem like the ideal spot but there are people coming and going from these places at all times of the day. Try For Mid-Day or Late-ish Evening Most people are out of the hostel during the mid-day — but this is when a lot of hostels are getting cleaned. If you go to the proper venues, there are some super cute English girls. Was only there for 3 days during the week so don't have much to say about that. THey do it well. And it sounds so cute with the irish accent. ANd everyone talks about the Blonde Swedish girls.

And more fun to talk to. Not sure how they rate on the sexual proclivity scale. Very sexually open, high level of hotness, and amazing english Austria- Don't know. Haven't been here in a while. And will be back in 2 weeks. So I'll say similar to Germany.

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