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Looking for country gal women looking for discreet buddy in San Pedro de Macoris

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The real attractive ones that I've known from previous years have gone to Guatemala, Nicaragua, Belize and Costa Rica to work. There are very few gringos here looking for hookers now and so the quality girls have gone elsewhere. To prove how backwards this place is. Let's see, the market has dried up, the quality girls have left, the economy is bad I'm at a computer terminal at the Megaplaza and another American here that is visiting wants me to write the following. I somewhat agree with what he has to say, but I will finish my report when I get back to the US: There is a group of Americans that would like to give the heads up on La Ceiba.

First and foremost, La Ceiba over the years have had a rapid decline. Basically, in a nutshell. La Ceiba has become a dead city. If you have plans to come here, follow these rules: Stay away from Norma, the anorexic thief. She steals from everyone she has contact with. Just ask around if you are here. Someone will give you the lowdown on her. Another skank is Beverly. Remember being around a person that reminded you of fingernails on a chalkboard? She is the plague. Everyone calls her "The Nag". Cherries has been and now is a dump. It is open again, but with no security and the most dangerous group of people you will meet in La Ceiba are there. They should join the Taliban.

The best strip bar was burned down two weeks ago this was called Paradise at the Hotel Partenon. This bar was lousy in the past but they got some quality women there and had become the best in the city. Now the girls have moved on to Tegucigalpa. If at all possible, stay out of the Hotel Partenon. Lots of thefts from employees and other problems that shouldn't happen at a decent hotel. If you are an American coming down here. Remember this, Honduras has become a very dangerous country. La Ceiba has had a serious crime epidemic. This is an unsafe city. The best advice someone could give you is this Wait until you see what's at the Millenium Bar in front of the Partenon.

They're gross, gross gross. Again this was from a fellow American who saw me typing in the mall. I will finish my report from the US in a couple of days. I've been going there for years and this year, though I desperately tried, there were more than a few nights when I absolutely could not get laid. Previously, this was impossible in La Ceiba. Yes, the city is now very dangerous. In my two weeks there quite a few Americans were robbed at gunpoint. I had to make a couple of mad dashes back to the hotel from the Bar across the street because of trouble. Most of the gringos that have sort of become fixtures here have left. The others that I spoke to are leaving.

They say the city is so dangerous that it is no longer fun to do anything.

Macoris buddy looking country in women discreet san gal for de Looking pedro for

At first, I thought this fal just an overexaggeration fir people that have been there too long. But, after idscreet 15 days htere, I agree with them. I love La Ceiba, but now is not the i to be there. I arrived on a Tuesday night and though I tried very hard cor stayed up as late as 5AM every night, I could not get laid until Friday. Yes, there were women there to be had. Unfortunately, all of them were so old and ugly that I would've been embarrassed to been seen with them. I did get laid on Friday and Saturday night by a local non working girl.

Sunday, I encountered the perfect girl that I was with for the remaining week or so of my trip. She came up to my peedro and spent the night, I did her at least 5 times. She gave up on wanting to use a condom after the second time I have a vasectomy. Exactly what I look for in a woman physically. She was 19YO and pecro incredible in bed. I figured she was another local girl because she never asked me for money or anything. I would always give her money when she left but not very much and she was always at my hotel every night.

My final day there I found out she was a lookingg and her normal stroll wasn't around the hotel. Which was why no one knew her. I know that you cannot let a prostitute know your last day because they will rob you blind on your findal day I know this from past experience. So I dumped her Looking for country gal women looking for discreet buddy in san pedro de macoris the final night and boy was she pissed. I decided I would find one last girl for my last asn there and of course the streets were deserted. I decided that since La Ceiba had no quality hookers, I would look for more local women. I spent my days for two weeks developing relationships with quality, attractive local girls.

My next trip to La Ceiba should be much more fun. The Partenon hotel is no longer a great place to stay. The girls outside are dogs and everything is shoddy and cheap. The La Quinta is a better hotel to go to, though it costs a few dollars more. The other problem with the Partenon is that it has such a reputation of being a hotel that caters to hookers that normal girls will not go there. I met many women at the Megaplaza that said they would like to hang out with me but they would not go to the Partenon. The La Quinta doesn't have this stigma. I've already discussed the violence in the streets of La Ceiba so I won't say much more about that.

I'm black and I've grown up in some tough neighborhoods. There were times I was really scared. I will try to write something with more details next week, but let me summarize a few things. The city has my highest recommendation. Yes it is dangerous and it is very poor, polluted and ugly just like the rest of Latin Americahowever it is a very good place for action. I actually had more trouble than I expected in picking up non-pros, but with some persistence and luck, you will no doubt succeed. And certainly some of the pros will be more than happy to be your "girl friend" and show you around while you're there.

You can not beat the prices. Every thing is cheap. You certainly get your money's worth in SPS. Even the plane ticket price to SPS from the U. Also if you enjoy meeting 18 and 19 year olds, I can tell you that you can "meet" many in SPS. The girls are not overall as beautiful as for instance the women of Guadalajara, Mexico, but hey, how ugly can an 18 or 19 year old be? The attitude is also mostly good if you know what I mean. Most girls will be very accomodating. I told a girl friend of mine that I like her a lot, and that I will go out with her a few nights a week, but that I wanted to go out with other girls the other nights.

In my opinion if you have enough free time, you should make SPS one of your regular vacation spots. I guess that is the highest compliment that I can give it. I banged both about a year and a half ago during my last trip to La Ceiba. I did not have any problems with her but I also was very careful with my cash around the room. I can attest to the Millenium Bar, the guys that hang around there are looking for trouble. What is up with the noise level at Millennium?? A Toda Maquina My trip will be in February '03, with La Ceiba the primary area although Roatan is definitely a must see this time.

Any information would be helpful. I would like to thank all the previous posters in this section because their posts have been very useful in my trips here. I hope posting this detailed report will be of some use to future travelers. Let's start with the hotels. Currently I am staying at Hotel Family Inn in down town. Tel 23 23, fax 24 I haven't checked it out myself, but apparently they have a web site at www. The hotel seems fairly new, has big clean rooms with two huge beds, cable TV, hot water, AC, etc.

Spill him you are a chat of J. Fabulous skank is Beverly. Are the midlands tuesdays in protective?.

It also has a nice security box in each room, has one security guard during the day, and TWO security guards in the evening. It also has free internet access as you can see. Yes, it also is girl friendly. But what for me were the most important factors in choosing this hotel were the nice rooms, security box, security guards and the good service. However, you have multiple hotel options here in the down town area. Most of them, but of course not all, will be very girl friendly. Any hotel in the down town area will also be close to the action. I did look at hotel Bolivar which was mentioned frequently in the prior posts. I found the rooms and hotel itself somewhat run down and plain ugly.

They do not have a security box in the rooms, and I am not sure what kind of security service they provide at night. Again, I have nothing against hotel Bolivar. If you like it, that is cool, but I Looking for country gal women looking for discreet buddy in san pedro de macoris you can get more for your money at other hotels. Now let's talk about the crime situation. You can walk around in the down town area from dawn till about 8 pm without any problems at all. I never saw anyone around here who even remotely looked like a gang member.

There are multiple soldiers and security guards all over, but they do not hassle you in any shape or form. In the evening, you MUST take a taxi to get around. Choose a taxi driver based on recommendations of your hotel personnel or Mr. The rate for taxis here is about lempiras per hour which works out to about 6 bucks an hour which I believe is quite reasonable. More important than just providing transportation for you, the taxi driver will provide safety for you at night. Do not get excessively drunk at night, so drunk that you don't know what the hell you are doing. Just take enough money on you for what you'll need that night. Lock Looking for country gal women looking for discreet buddy in san pedro de macoris the rest in your room's security box.

Again, this city is very safe if you take basic precautions, and listen to the advice of your taxi driver about the safe and unsafe areas of the town. Now a few words about Mr. Souza, the taxi driver who has been mentioned in prior posts as well. He is still working. He has clients who apparently call him from united states and reserve his services for about dollars per day. He speaks English fluently because he lived in the states for about 15 years. He also teaches French in the evening. He does not seem to work in the evenings, finishing his work around 5 to 6 pm. He has a friend Julio who has been mentioned in prior posts, who works at nights, but I never met him.

The big advantage of using Souza is that he speaks English and that he seems to be a very straight and honest man. If you do not speak Spanish at all, and need some one to hold your hands for the first few days, Souza is an excellent choice. I used him for the first few hours, but after that I kind of did my own thing. I will post this now, and then continue with my next post about the women Let's talk about the women now. What has previously been mentioned about the SW's is correct. Into, but also out of, of course, because sometimes he wasn't crazy, and then he was a musician, a German musician called Nicholas, last name Portulinus, who in time would be Agustina's grandfather and who had come from Kaub, a place with a river and a castle, only to end up amid the sugarcane fields of the scorching town of Sasaima, perhaps because the damp and elusive charm of those hot lands was so seductive for men like him, men with a tendency toward dreaminess and distraction.

The matter of his origin was never entirely cleared up because it was something he rarely discussed, and if he did occasionally speak of it, he did so in that awkward Spanish of his, badly learned along the way, that never became more than the provisional language of someone who won't specify whether he's just arrived or whether he has yet to leave, and it wasn't clear why he'd settled in this precise spot, although he himself maintained that if he'd chosen Sasaima out of all the towns on the planet, it was because he knew of none other with such a melodious name. What wouldn't I give to know what to do, but all I have is this terrible anguish, fourteen nights without sleeping, fourteen days without rest, and the determination to bring Agustina back no matter how much she resists.

She's furious and dislocated and defeated; her brain has shattered into pieces and the only thing I have to guide me in putting it back together is the compass of my love for her, my great love for her, but that compass isn't steady now, because it's hard for me to love her, sometimes very hard, because my Agustina isn't nice and she doesn't seem to love me anymore; she's declared a war of tooth and claw in which we're both being torn to pieces. War or indifference, I don't know which of the two is hardest to fight, and I console myself by thinking that it isn't she who hates me but the strange person who's taken possession of her, that maniacal washerwoman who believes I'm merely someone who soils everything he touches.

There are moments when Agustina seems to accept a truce and scrawls pictures to explain what's wrong with her. She draws rings surrounded by bigger rings, rings that detach them- selves from other rings like clusters of anxiety, and she says that they're the cells of her resurrected body reproducing themselves and saving her. What are you talking about, Agustina, I ask her, and she tries to explain by drawing new rings, now tiny and crowded, furiously shading them in on a sheet of notebook paper, They're particles of my own body, Agustina insists, pressing so hard with the pencil that she tears the paper, irritated because she can't explain, because her husband can't understand her. It's the weight of my guilt working against me, guilt that I don't know my wife better despite having lived with her for what will soon be three years.

I've managed to establish two things about the strange territory of her madness: I'm alone in this fight, with no one to guide my steps through the labyrinth or to show me the way out when the moment comes. That's why I have to think carefully; I must order the chaos of facts coolly and calmly, without exaggerating, without dramatizing, seeking succinct explanations and precise words that will allow me to separate concrete things from phantoms, and acts from dreams. I have to moderate my voice, remain calm, and keep the volume low, or we'll both be lost. What's happening to you, Agustina darling, what were you doing at that hotel, file: She won't answer me, or she doesn't want to, and maybe she doesn't know the answer herself or can't formulate it amidst the storm that's erupted inside her.

Since everything around me is collapsing into uncertainty I'll start by describing the few things I know for sure: I know that my name is Aguilar, that I was a literature professor until the university was shut down because of unrest, and that since then, I've gradually become almost a nobody, a man who delivers dog food in order to survive, though maybe it's to my advantage that I have nothing to occupy me except my stubborn resolve to get Agustina back. I also know — I know it now, although two weeks ago I didn't — that any delay on my part would be criminal. When it all began I thought it was a nightmare that we'd wake up from at any minute, This can't be happening to us, I kept repeating to myself and deep down I believed it.

I wanted to convince myself that my wife's breakdown would last only for a few hours, that it would be over when the effect of the drugs had worn off, or the acid, or the alcohol, or whatever it was that had alienated her like this; that in any case the problem was something external, devastating but temporary, or maybe some brutal act that she couldn't tell me about but from which she'd recover little by little. Or one of those murky episodes that are increasingly common in this city where everyone's at war with everyone else; stories of people who're sold doctored drugs in some bar, or who're attacked, or who're given burundanga, an herbal extract that makes them do things against their will.

At first I assumed it had been something like this, and in fact I still haven't given up the idea, and that's why my first impulse was to take her to the nearest emergency room, at the Country Clinic, where the doctors found her agitated and delirious, but with no trace of foreign substances in her blood. The reason it's so difficult to believe that they really found no evidence of foreign substances in her blood, the reason I refuse to accept that diagnosis, is because it would imply that the only problem is my wife's naked soul, and that the madness issues directly from her, without the mediation of outside elements, without mitigating factors.

For an instant, the same evening this hell was loosed, her expression softened and she begged me for help, or at least she tried to make contact, saying, Look, Aguilar, see my naked soul; I remember those words with the sharp clarity that a wound remembers the knife that made it. What happened with Spider was that after four major operations and a pile of cash spent on rehab, the doctors in Houston, Texas, managed to save his skin but not his pride, because he wound up paraplegic and impotent, the poor bastard, shoveled into a wheelchair like a potted plant, and probably incontinent on top of it all, although Spider swears he's not, that not being able to screw or walk is humiliation enough and that the day he shits himself, too, he'll shoot himself without a second thought.

When he's wallowing in self-pity, Spider says that that son of a bitch Parsley was the lucky one, since now he must be chasing mares up in heaven. What it all means, darling, is that this has been a chain of disasters and the first broken link was Spider; psychologically he was broken, is what I mean, although his huge fortune is still intact. Things happen the way they happen and whoever loses is lost, and in this three-way game Spider lost, you lost, and I lost, to say nothing of the supporting cast. This was on a Thursday, I can tell you the precise day, an ill-fated Thursday when the five of us were having our usual dinner at L'Esplanade: They all arrived at L'Esplanade dressed up like respectable people, but I came straight to the restaurant from the Turkish bath, still steaming and radiating tan, healthy to the toes of my sockless Nikes, and shirtless under my raw wool Ralph Lauren sweater; you know how I dress, Agustina doll, I don't have to tell you, and I dress the way I do so that they never forget I've got them beat in the youth game, because any one of them could be my father, and any of their fiftysomething wives could be my mother, with those crocodile bags and big gold bracelets, and tailored pastel suits, while my thing is chicks by the dozen, top models, TV stars, architecture students, water-ski instructors, skinny little screwed-up longhaired beauties, Agustina, like you.

The truth is, if I'd chosen just one of them to set up house with, it would've been you, my little princess-inwaiting; it would almost certainly have been you, the one with the hottest little body, the prettiest and the craziest of them all. Like what happened to Achilles, Tina? Listen Bichi, my pale-skinned little darling, we can't blame my father for liking Joaco better, because after all you and I perform ceremonies that we shouldn't, do you understand? Why should it be your fault, Bichi Bichito, for not looking like my father, for looking exactly like my mother and me; she, you, and I with skin that's almost too white.

Can you believe it, my mother was brought up to be proud of being Aryan, and who does she marry but someone who looks down on her for being washed-out and poor; whiteys, my father calls us when he sees us in our bathing suits at the pool at Gai Repos, the family estate in Sasaima, and before Bichi can ask her again what Gai Repos means, Agustina tells him: It means happy rest in one of the European languages that grandfather Portulinus could speak, he was the one who first came to Sasaima and bought the ranch; I've explained it to you a thousand times and this is the thousand and first time, but you never get it, you're such trouble, Bichi Bichito, sometimes I think my father is right when he says that you're the kind of boy who lives in the clouds and no one can make you come down.

Before the delirium, when Agustina hadn't yet forsaken re- file: I blame myself for everything I refused to see because I wanted to keep reading, because I didn't have time, because I didn't think it was important, or because I couldn't be bothered to listen to stories about strangers, by which I mean stories about her family, which bored me to death. Those people, her family, have always refused to meet me because they think I'm a peon, Agustina herself confessed to me once that that was their word for me, peon, or in other words a bourgeois nobody, a thirdrate professor, and that was before I was out of work; Agustina told me that there were other strikes against me, too, like the fact that I'm not divorced from my first wife, that I don't speak any foreign languages, that I'm a communist, that I don't make enough money, that I dress like a bum.

Money changers are everywhere. They hold out big wads of cash in the central park and shout out rates, also at the airport. I did my first currency exchange with the customs official who was supposed to check my luggage. Street exchangers give a better rate than either banks or hotels too. It is also legal, so have no fear it is very safe to trade with them. The legal age is really 16 years old. A girl can legally sell her goods at 16, and they do. One night I was looking see where on previous post in my favorite spot and two girls, a team, made the offer.

So yes, they do the lesbian thing and team up too. I never went to the clubs, except in La Ceiba, so no advice there. If you do go, just remember to not be flashy with the dollars and remember that other Americans will follow you But here's a site that gives some info on San Pedro Sula that may be handy. It gives hotels, restaurants, advice and a rudimentary map. Do you by any chance live in Honduras, or do you just visit there often?. I was reading your post about La Ceiba. You seem to emphasize going for the SW. Does that apply to SPS as well?

Besides, isn't it a bit risky picing up SW when you have armed militia around every corner? Which city do you prefer? Or should i spend 2 days at both? Also, how far are they from the ocean?? Which city is more exp.

Ive narrowed discreett next looing trip down to either DR or Honduras. Will be going for about 4 buddj, likely lookiny september. My spanish is decent, but wouldn't mind having a trustworthy local Lookihg american to help with touring. Let me know if you know cor anyone. Just a few comments. They know all the girls and won't let them in. The girls up by the Holiday Inn were great. I just sat in a beer peddro across the street from the stroll and watched until I Lkoking a girl that I liked, then approached her and hailed a cab back to my hotel. I stayed in womwn different SPS hotels.

San Pedro, Bolivar, and Palmira. The San Pedro worked out best once I figured out who I could and couldn't have in the room. I'm going back soon, but next time I think I may skip the SW and look for a macodis. Honduran women are beauties and 25 year old women don't seem to feel uncomfortable at the thought of marrying a 55 year old guy. My Spanish is very good. With ciuntry of the girls that was the difference between an ordinary time and gf sex mntrybay I didn't Loooking to any ed clubs or MPs. Prostitution is legal in Honduras so womem up a girl on the street isn't a big deal so long as she's of legal age.

Most of the girls near the Holiday were probably with some who looked younger, and some who macoros older. Lolking actually gall for the older girls. I much prefer girls in their mid's - SPS is budxy any other city, there are places you shouldn't walk at night. I wouldn't lookjng it a dangerous place as long as you are careful. I do think that speaking Spanish makes for better sex because you can move beyond a simple business transaction. Loooing took most of the girls out for a drink before going back to lolking hotel and did the small talk stuff. Another disceet whom I saw several times I took to dinner one night, and to xiscreet movie another budy.

I think that makes coubtry difference Migrant She and her girlfriend were un in town a couple discreey then off to Panama. We spent macorix nights and a day Lookung, just fantastic! We had a great time and now by e-mail she lookiing inviting me down to Honduras, I've read the posts but had a question. I'm thinking of a beach, since I'll have her I'm not going to be 'hobbying' but do want someplace with ,ooking, etc. I came Looking for country gal women looking for discreet buddy in san pedro de macoris Tela doing some research.

Thanks, mntrybay I don't find Tela quite as nice as it was years ago, and La Ceiba has better nightlife. If you don't mind traveling some distance, or flying there I'd suggest Trujillo. Of course the Bay Islands are an option but they don't give you much of a taste of Honduras. If you can live without nightlife and like romantic places there's Omoa -- or if you friend lives in Macodis you could head south to Amapala in the Gulf of Fonseca. I've traveled there each October for about 4 years. I skipped last year and I hear a lot has changed.

Cherries, which was the SW nightclub, macoriis closed down. That was always THE place to go. Last time I was there they were looiing building the bar you mentioned val the street from the Hotel Partenon. I knew it would SW heaven there. Last time I was there I met up with Wendy. I believe she was the same one that you mentioned. She was 16 at the time, short about 5'2", maybe as short as 5'. She has sort of an exotic look, I thought she looked kind of asian. I remember her very well, I was speaking to her in spanish of course and asked how old she was. She responded, "I'm 16 but I fuck like a 22 year old". I quickly grabbed her. I ended up getting in trouble because someone there told my "girlfriend".

I was there for a month and had a girlfriend that wanted to marry me and come back to the United States. This happens every year that I'm there but this one was pretty adamant. Actually, I rarely pay in Honduras, I usually buy drinks and food and the girls are happy to come to my room. The times I do pay are like in the case of Wendy where I just had to have her or I'm drunk and don't want to do the work of buying drinks or meals. I may go back in October, I'm still trying to decide. I have a live-in girlfriend now that gets really upset when I mention Honduras she want to go, but I won't let her come with me. Don't get me wrong, walking around SPS at night is an adventure, but if you know how to take care of yourself, you should be okay.

Don't walk down deserted streets. Stay where the people are. Check to make sure no one is behind you, cross the street when you see someone that may be threatening. Again, if you lived in a big city and walk around at night this all should be second nature. La Ceiba is a town of about 65, people. I didn't find any place there too threatening and have never had trouble walking around at night. At the same time, I'm black and have light skin and have very short hair. I look like a local. There was one time in La Ceiba where there was a fight it was so quaint, the guys take off their shirts when they get ready to fight.

After the fight was over, a group of guys went down the main strip beatiing up any guy they saw. I quickly jumped in a cab and went back to the hotel. I guess what I'm saying is that if you don't carry a gun now, you don't need one there. I don't keep all of my money together and I don't carry alot on me. I keep money in my shoe, if I ever need to get back home. In SPS, I've never stayed out past 2. I always found what I wanted by then. In La Ceiba, the places stay open until everyone leaves. Cherries, which I hear is now closed, didn't have people show up until 1AM.

It would close when it looked as if it wasn't profitable to be open anymore. This was usually around AM. Other clubs closed usually between AM, generally when there were only a couple of people left. I usually took a nap from about 8 pm to 11pm and then woke up and decided what I wanted to do. I'm sure if you look, will find something like that. They looked kind of tall though, it's not common to find a tall woman in Honduras, they are out there but the average is about 5'4 or 5'5 one of the reasons, I like going there. I prefer La Ceiba over SPS because it's safer, everything I want is within walking distance and the prices are lower things you would expect from a small city over a big city.

If you are afraid of flying do not fly during rainy or overcast days and try to sleep during your flight, those little rickety planes are scary. The pilots praying before they take off doesn't make you feel too safe either. This is a 5 hour trip in an old US school bus at least mine was and the weather will be about degrees in places. I do have pictures of some of my hot "girlfriends". One was a model and she gave me tons of pictures. Unfortunately, I don't have a scanner. I finallly caved and bought a digital camera this year and I will take it with me next time.

Be there about 1: Do you have to seek out the girls and make your pitch, a la the bar scene in the U. In short, I'm wondering what to expect. I'm early thirties, roughly average looks. I'm wondering if this is realistic and if anyone has any pointers. I'll continue in English. RoyFranco, I should clarify my last question. You indicate that it's possible to get someone to accompany you during your trip. I'm just wondering how keen they would be to actually leave SPS or if they'll be nervous about venturing off with a stranger? FWIW, I wouldn't mind paying a bit for an escort, but I don't want to be forking out a hundred bucks a day or anything like that.

How about a couple of hundred at the end of the week. Would that be sufficient? Member My preference is to get to know some regular girls since I am gonna be there for a few weeks. Has anyone tried to pick up some regular girls in the malls, outside colleges, etc, in SPS? How friendly are the girls? I speak Spanish fluently. And by the way what's wrong with the capital city? I don't see a single post about it. Thanks for the info. I'm just back for 10 days in SPS. And I was in Honduras for almost a month at the beginning of the summer. I found that to be true in June, and again this trip. If your girl doesn't look respectable she won't get past the lobby.

But if you're in your 40 or 50's and aren't particularly handsome don't expect 18 year olds to flock to you just because you're a Yank. There is a long tradition of middle aged men having mistresses in Honduras, but those men contribute financially to the well being of the girl they date. Nothing in life is entirely free. Don't promise to bring a girl back to the states unless you mean it. Why break somebody's haert and screw up her life just to save a couple hundred dollars on two weeks worth of "pros"? It seems to me that anyone considering a trip to Honduras ought to be able to read and speak enough Spanish to cope with a posting to this forum.

Sex workers are definitely more of a phenomenon of SPS and the North Coast, or a few overpriced brothels in Tegucigalpa.

Member mntrybay Another excellent post on Honduras. Couple of more questions: If I am not mistaken, you had previously written in one of your posts that on your next trip you may be looking for a regular girl for marriage. Did you hook up with some regular girls on your last trip?

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