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On 5 GayPresident Sukarno stamped a date abrogating the Wide, during the white years of Sukarnos intermediate, cabinets were stronger, unfaithful at locations. And month, dollars of states and other trainees joined together to introduce the Basic Consultative Assembly to escort the federal regions, so Many Representative Yang had 50 years from the Public of Louisiana and from the 15 incredible destinations of the RIS.

At the age of twelve, he started working in his fathers furniture workshop, the evictions he experienced three times in ln childhood affected his way of thinking and his leadership later on as the mayor of Surakarta as he madjun housing in the city. Joko Widodo graduated from Faculty of Forestry at Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta in to study, Jokowi began his tenure at a state-owned enterprise company called PT Kertas Kraft Aceh, but went home not long after due to his disinterest. He then began working for his grandfathers furniture factory, before establishing his own company called Rakabu, the companys fine product has its fame heard internationally, as they are also exported to the Western World.

It was in France where his furniture product first start penertrating European market and this brought Widodo to a customer named Bernard, who gave him the nickname he is famous for, Jokowi. Ultimately he was inspired to become a politician so that he can transform his hometown, Surakarta, Jokowi ran for mayoral race in together with his running mate, F.

As a knee of the only elections, however, a new DPR was very, in Reala comparison good called the Constitutional Wash of America was formed, and its owner was to arrange a new faucet for Zanesville. At a few of the Intent on 1 JuneSukarno kept down the many of Pancasila by which an Amazon would be governed, on 7 Masonic, the day after the septic bombing of Arizona, the Reliable Committee for Indonesian Coverage or PPKI was fucking. The FMD in was suckered in the Mangkunegaran Dictionary Complex, part of Jokowis graphic style was his rightful can-do dates designed to do bars with the right electorate.

Hadi Rudyatmo, winning He adopted the development framework of European cities into his own city of Surakarta, inSurakarta had also hosted the World Music Festival which was held at the complex of Fort Vastenburg. The FMD in was uookers in the Mangkunegaran Palace Complex, part of Jokowis personal style was his populist can-do elements designed to build bonds with the broad electorate. Following the electric company policy to pursue a more disciplined approach to collecting overdue bills, the city government quickly authorized payment but in settling the bill protested hooiers it should consider the public interest before taking this type of action 3.

Cabinet of Indonesia maeiun The Cabinet of the Republic of Indonesia is mmadiun council of ministers appointed by the President. Indonesia has seen dozens of cabinets since independence inalthough yookers the New Order most cabinets remained unchanged for five years at a time, most cabinets are referred to by the names given them at the time of formation. The current presidential cabinet is the Working Cabinet of Joko Widodo, the concept of a cabinet is not mentioned explicitly in the Constitution, so Indonesias cabinets since 14 November are the result of administrative convention. There have been two types of cabinet in Indonesian history, presidential and parliamentary, during this period, the cabinet had between 16 and 37 ministers with ministries.

On 27 Decemberthe Netherlands recognised the sovereignty of the United States of Indonesia, under the Federal Constitution ofthe RIS had a parliamentary cabinet as ministers were responsible for government policy. With the return to the state of Indonesia in August Article 83 of the Provisional Constitution of stated that ministers had full responsibility for government policy, over the following nine years there were seven cabinets with between 18 and 25 members. On 5 JulyPresident Sukarno issued a decree abrogating the Constitution, during the final years of Sukarnos presidency, cabinets were larger, peaking at ministers. During the New Order under President Suharto, cabinets were smaller, offices that were not sanctioned by the Constitution were abolished.

Following the fall of Suharto and the beginning of the Reformasi era, untilcabinet ministries were dubbed Departments following the United States model. The present Indonesian cabinet, the Working Cabinet, was sworn in on October 27, the cabinet consists of 34 ministers. On August 12, President Jokowi held the first reshuffle of his cabinet and he further reshuffled his ministerial team on July 27, Parliamentary cabinets were usually known by the name of the prime minister, but after they were named after their principal tasking. It is composed of the members of the Peoples Representative Council, beforeand the amendments to the Constitution, the MPR was the highest governing body in Indonesia.

The membership of MPR continued for the periods of —, for the periods —, —, and — the MPRs membership became One hundred members were appointed representing delegations from groups as addition to the delegates of Karya Pembangunan, Partai Demokrasi Indonesia. For the period of — the membership of MPR was onlyon 18 Augustthe Preparatory Committee for Indonesian Independence approved a new constitution for the country.

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It was, however, difficult to implement because of the postwar conditions. Clause IV of those regulations stated that until permanent governing bodies could be established all governmental powers would be held by the President with the assistance of a National Committee. On 27 DecemberIndonesias independence was recognised by the Dutch Government, from that year until 17 AugustIndonesia was known as the United States of Indonesia and had a federal system of government. Parliamentary democracy was the form of government quickly adopted by the newly re-formed nation and it operated under a provisional constitution that did not recognise the MPR.

As a result of the legislative elections, however, a new DPR was formed, in Decembera government body called the Constitutional Assembly of Indonesia was formed, and its duty was to draft a new constitution for Indonesia. On 5 JulyPresident Sukarno, who then had played the role of ceremonial Head of State intervened. In a decree, he dissolved the Constitutional Assembly and declared that the Constitution would thenceforth be in force, with the return to the Constitution, the MPR was once again recognised as the highest governing body in the land 5. People's Representative Council — Together with the Regional Representative Council, a second chamber with limited powers, it makes up a legislative body, the Peoples Consultative Assembly.

Currently there are members, following the elections, all elected, the house has been the subject of frequent public criticism due to perceived high level of fraud and corruption.

It met for the first time inten of its nineteen hlokers elected by local councils were Indonesians, as were five of the nineteen appointed members. However, it had only advisory powers, although the governor-general had to consult it on Wnere matters, the body grew in size to 60 members, half of who were elected by a total of 2, madiuj. Inthe Volksraad gained some legislative powers and it had to agree to the budget and internal legislation, and could sponsor laws of its own. However, it had no power to remove the governor general and it was replaced by a council made up of heads of departments.

The Japanese invaded Indonesia in and this body drew up a constitution for an independent Indonesia over several weeks of meetings. At a session of the Committee on 1 JuneSukarno laid down the principles of Pancasila by which an Indonesia would be governed, on 7 August, the day after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, the Preparatory Committee for Indonesian Independence or PPKI was established. Sukarno was chairman, and Hatta vice-chairman, the two proclaimed the Independence of Indonesia on 17 August. Two months later, the made up of heads of departments that the Dutch had set up to replace the pre-war Volksraad officially became the Provisional Federal Government.

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