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The Powerful Past of the Former Siamese Capital Revealed in the Splendor of 400 Temples

At the bachelor of Ayutthaya inthe wild was set on autism in the Hungarian attack. The sell was turned to 44 interviewers and reached at that every, with its acoustic, a height of 50 m.

Unfortunately, began as something of a difficult year for the archaeological site. In February, three of the wooden Thai buildings that are more than one hundred years old were damaged in an electrical fire no one was harmed as most of the monks were out collecting alms at the time. The Thai tourists were identified because they posted an image of themselves on Facebook which showed them sitting on and climbing the ancient ruins of Wat Mahathat. Ayutthaya Historical Park is known for the tall reliquary towers known as prang and large Buddhist monasteries. Its construction was commanded by King Prasat Thong. This was a royal temple where religious ceremonies were performed and royalty was cremated.

The temple demonstrates a Buddhist worldview. The large central prang symbolizes the mountain Meru, with the smaller prangs representing the four continents swimming in the four directions of the world. Tall prangs are visible in the evening light. The complex contains several buildings, including Ubosot ordination hall, Viharn image hall, a bell-shaped principal Chedi, and an outer building called Tumnak Kummalaen.

Wat Judi Dao has been somewhat restored to its original form, as it existed before ayutthaha attack from the Burmese. Buddhist temple Wat Kudi Dao, Thailand. The architectural style is late Ayutthaya. This Buddhist temple was built in26 years before the city of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya was actually founded.

When the Truth read the windscreen, they must have had a large selection behind them, to be dressed to destroy a day of sioux possessing sophisticated and wooden infrastructure and cocaine. Its construction was negotiated by King Prasat Stopping.

Within the largest building of the complex is a gilded meter-high seated Buddha from CE. Folded orange lengths of cloth are thrown up from the ground to people who are standing in the Buddha's lap. The robes are then unfolded and rolled out from above over the worshippers below as a form of blessing. The temple was destroyed during the Burmese attack, and many of the Buddha statues in Ayutthaya were vandalized by having their heads lopped off. The prang was raised to 44 meters and reached at that time, with its finial, a height of 50 m. Rebuild it so it is a sen and two wa high but retain the sky trident spire so that together they equal one sen and five wa. In nine months it was completed and a ceremony to dedicate it was ordered to be held on a grand scale.

Four porticos were added to the prang, which was restored at the same time as the royal vihara and the ordination hall. No evidence of restoration of the monastery could be found after.

Obviously chedis, prangs, ayutthaaya viharns were added on several occasions in time. At the fall of Ayutthaya inthe monastery was set on fire trxting the Burmese attack. Wat Maha That housed before an unusual Buddha image of green stone textihg to be made in the Sex texting in ayutthaya style Mon eSx from - AD. The main prang of Wat Maha That survived until the reign of King Rama V, as seen in a photograph taken inearly On 25 May,at Hr in the morning, the main prang collapsed at the level of the niche. The prang fell further apart in during the reign of King Rama VI.

The Fine Arts Department restored it partially. The symmetrical base with staircases on the four sides is all what remains of the once majestic prang. Wat Maha That was certainly not tdxting from looting. From its destruction in until its ayutthayw by autthaya FAD last century, the temple has been prone of severe looting and damage by illegal excavation. It is obvious that quite a bit of restoration had been undertaken by the Fine Arts Department photo 3. At first workers, found in the main chamber of the principal prang, half buried in the sand under the pedestal of the pagoda, a solid gold lion, sitting in a fish-shaped container decorated with a gilded motif and filled with other gold accessories.

At a later stage the smell of sandalwood oil hung in the air and the upper ventilation hole of the crypt was found. A shaft was discovered in September, when a vertical excavation from the floor of the relic chamber was performed. Aphivan Saipradist recounts the story of one of the workers, Mian Youngpradit, digging for the crypt in its analysis as follows: We had only a crow bar and a basket. And we had to dig just a big enough hole to go through, layer by layer, until we reached the main crypt 17 meters underneath. We had to use a lantern. But the ventilation was so poor that breathing became more difficult.

We had to lower leafy guava branches down the hole to help with the ventilation. The noise of the crow bar touching the stone in the tiny hole was heart wrenching. When it hit the box, the compressed air suddenly burst out of the tiny hole was so violent that it seemed like a big serpent jumping at us. That was how many crypt diggers were killed. Five days were needed to remove it. On 30 August the stone container was opened in presence of authorities. The container was filled with a bronze images, pewter votive tablets and other valuables.

We find nearly identical, but earlier built structures at Angkor. Phnom Bakheng, Preah Rup, East Mebon, Baphuon and Ta Keo were all Temple Mountains, consisting of a central tower surrounded by four corner towers, forming a quincunx, the latter also often was surrounded by a courtyard and a gallery. The design, architecture and decoration of a Khmer temple were modeled according to a series of magical and religious beliefs. Devotees moved from the mundane world to a spiritual one by walking along one of the four axes, each of which has a different astrological value. East, the direction of the rising sun, was auspicious, representing life and the sexual prowess of the male.

Most of the Khmer temples were built with the entrance to the east, as this was the formal approach to most Hindu shrines. In general, however, west is considered inauspicious and represents death, impurity and the setting sun. North is also auspicious, while South has a neutral value. The Khmers adhered to the Hindu belief that a temple must be built correctly according to a mathematical system in order for it to function in harmony with the universe. The town layout, a square-shape, corresponded with the Mandala concept, arising from Hindu beliefs, which indicated the boundary of the universe.

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Wat Maha That consisted basically of a large central prang surrounded by four subsidiary prangs at the four inter-cardinal points, standing on a raised square platform. The quincunx was surrounded by a courtyard and a roofed gallery, lined with a row of Qyutthaya images. Typically for the Ayutthaya period is that often the gallery was penetrated by a monastic structure, being an ordination or an assembly hall, or even sometimes both. An exception to this was Wat Phutthai Sawan. The principal prang of Wat Maha That was constructed of laterite at the base.

The top part of the stupa was of brick and mortar. Brick work at the four sides of the base indicates that the prang had porches in the cardinal directions, a feature not used in the Early Ayutthaya period - These porches could be reached by a staircase.

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