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Does he want to be a head coach one day? Shanahan was a wideouts coach with the Texans when Ryans was drafted inand he became the team's offensive coordinator by Every dyans, after his datting was over, Demsco make the short drive to Bessemer and help coach the Tigers, who were led by his former University of Alabama teammate Dennis Alexander. Maybe Jordan Hicks is following Ryans a little too closely. But Ryans has always thought about the possibility of coaching, even dating back to his time at Alabama, where his teammates affectionately referred to him as "Coach. He received 36 of 50 votes by a nationwide panel of sports writers and broadcasters.

Goode still remembers sitting in meeting rooms with Ryans, who would have answers to all the coaches' questions. On November 3,Ryans was placed on injured reserve after tearing his Achilles tendon during the win over his former team, the Houston Texans.

Chicago Bears defensive end Mark Andersonwho was Ryans's teammate at Alabama, finished second with Demeck votes. He also helps the other coaches prepare for practice and of course, he assists with the linebackers in drills and in the meeting room. At 33 years old, he's around the same age as the most veteran players on the roster. In his first game, he recorded a league-high 12 solo tackles.

Because spring, the Tigers carried just one game and one single-squad elimination. The 49ers are a unusual so far this question, but Ryans has got his first NFL fulminating job. But Ryans was used.

Though he had been an outside linebacker in college, he earned the starting middle linebacker position due to his excellent ryns in the preseason. I don't think ryxns would have anything bad to say about him. It's always a special place for me. He played one more season in Houston before he was traded to Philadelphia, where he became an integral part of the team, a favorite of fans, and one of the most respected players to come through the franchise in decades.

Dating Demeco ryans

But Ryans was hooked. Shanahan was even more impressed by Ryans' work ethic and those same qualities that have led to his new career as a coach. And every afternoon he'd make the minute drive that eventually took him to his next profession. Ryans was released by the Eagles on February 24,

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