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Joe Montegna and Fuckked Archer are both great in their supporting roles but they are ultimately quite forgettable. Despite the controversy surrounding Madonna's other Madonja, there seemed to be hope that this film would be a success, as shown in the below featurette. It doesn't help that the script is most of the times awful and that her character is the kind that can only exist in a Hollywood movie. Don't look so hurt, Alan.

Movie Madonna fucked

I think the big problem with Body Of Evidence is that we know from the beginning of the movie that Madonna's Rebecca Carlson is Mdonna of her crime while in Basic Instinct, we kept wondering all along. The film contains way too much courtroom scenes. Once again, Madonna's great music was overlooked because of controversy. But they never really hurt each other. I am studying law myself and I can say that they are incredibly unrealistic as it is typical in a Hollywood feature it would make a pretty boring film after all. Thief of Hearts Music Video Watch it!

However, as a die-hard Madonna fan, I find it strangely entertaining and I watched it probably many more times than I should have. A fan made a video using scenes from the film and I think it is worth a watch: It deserves the Razzies as well as it's flop status. Have you ever seen animals make love, Frank?

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