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But his facts were not as solid as he imagined, and in any case they failed to agll his analytical suppositions. Kinsey gave up the course and continued with the interviews. To hire additional interviewers and tabulators, he sought funding from the Committee for Research in Problems with Sex CRPSa standing unit of the National Research Council that received most of its funds from the Rockefeller Foundation. Saunders, a medical publishing firm, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male was an instant popular success, sellinghardback copies in two months.

There he came under the spell of William Morton Wheeleran eminent eex who served as something of a surrogate father to Kinsey, albeit of a very different sort from the titanic pillar of probity who loomed over his early life. A Study of the Origin of Species, in which he identified forty-eight new species of gall wasp. Eigenmannan esteemed zoologist and former dean. In historian James H. Kinsey singled out religion, especially the Catholic church, for inducing guilt.

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He became less cautious over time and at the Institute organized, participated in, and even filmed all manner of voyeuristic, homosexual, and other sexual hall involving interview subjects, prostitutes, colleagues, and spouses. Inas Kinsey pressed forward with Onlline classes and interviews, formidable opposition began to take shape in Indiana. Wells, who was eager to push Indiana to the forefront of intellectual trends. Jones found that from his adolescent years nearly to his death, Kinsey engaged in savagely painful sadomasochistic acts and was repeatedly involved in unusual and inventive sexual practices. But by the time Sexual Behavior in the Human Female appeared in print, the Rockefeller Foundation had decided to cease funding the Institute.

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