Sex positions for arthritis sufferers

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Five best sex positions if you have arthritis

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Some vibrators are specially made with easy-grip handles for people who have lost function in their hands, she says. It's not uncommon for people with arthritis to lose interest in sex, Owens says. Some may think that their arthritis makes them less attractive, a mind-set that can easily kill desire. Others may have simply forgotten how sex makes them feel. Patients who have lost their sex drive -- whether they're too tired, too anxious, or merely out of practice -- may benefit from talking with a sex counselor, she says. To find a licensed counselor near you, visit the Web site of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists at http: In many cases, a few good Sex positions for arthritis sufferers sessions are all it takes to rekindle desire for the long term, she says.

Above all, people with arthritis shouldn't hide their concerns about sex, Owens says. They need to talk openly with their partners to find the positions and techniques that give both of them the most amount of pleasure with the least amount of discomfort. They also need to work with their doctors to make sure they're controlling their disease as much as possible. Talking about sex may be a bit embarrassing, but patients soon forget all about those few moments of anxiety. Good for a woman with hip problems or multiple joints, but not to be used following a total hip replacement.

Seek advice from your GP if you need to check whether you need to avoid completely or for a certain period of time after surgery Woman lies on her back on the edge of the bed. Man enters from the front. Good for a woman with hip problems. Seek advice from your GP if you need to check whether you need to avoid completely or for a certain period of time after surgery Related articles. Fondling, stroking the genitals, breasts and all areas of sensitivity can excite you both to orgasm with fulfillment as complete as intercourse. You may enjoy your orgasm together or take turns.

If your hands are swollen and sore, you can still embrace and gently caress your loved one as he or she stimulates his or her own genitals to climax. Your warmth, caring and reassuring embrace convey fully the love you desire to give. If your hands are affected, a vibrator provides another alternative for sexual pleasure. It may be the kind of vibrator found in small appliance departments which is used for light massage of the neck or face. Another type is the tube-shaped vibrator which is lighter and easier to handle. These are available at some stores or through mail order. Moving the vibrator gently over the sensitive areas of your partner's body, especially against the underside of the penis or clitoris will quickly bring about sexual pleasure.

A word of caution however--it is possible that the vibrator may irritate tender genitals if used frequently or too long. You may want to lubricate with a sterile jelly or use a clean handkerchief between the vibrator and the area to be stimulated. People whose skin is thin and dry or tender should not use this device frequently, if at all. Oral sex Oral sex is the use of the tongue and mouth directly on the genitals to bring pleasure to your partner. It may be a new idea to you but it's an approach to sexual fulfillment which can be very stimulating. Sexual satisfaction for one partner Despite one's best efforts, there may be times when you have no interest in sex or cannot become sexually aroused.

At these times, you still may want to provide for the needs of your partner. For some, the alternate methods suggested here may be the answer. As you learn more about what your partner enjoys, you will gain confidence in the fact that you can bring pleasure and fulfillment to your partner. Sexual satisfaction on your own Masturbation or self-stimulation is a very common, healthy and satisfying form of sexual activity. It provides valuable reinforcement and reassurance concerning your own personal sexuality.

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It can also increase responsiveness during intercourse. Just as you would for sexual activity with a partner, prepare for this sexual experience by assuring yourself of privacy. You may wish to create an intimate atmosphere by listening to soft music, just as you might with a partner or by reading erotic materials or looking at erotic pictures. Being rested and taking pain medicine ahead of time may also help you to be more comfortable. Self-stimulation is done by stroking or rubbing the sexually sensitive areas of your body. If your fingers are swollen or painful due to arthritis, you can use a vibrator. Pregnancy Having children is a personal decision for every couple.

Before becoming pregnant, talk to your doctor about how pregnancy may affect your arthritis, how arthritis and your medications may affect your pregnancy and how to prepare to care for the new baby. Birth control If you are sexually active and do not want to have a baby, use an effective birth control method. Birth control information is available from your doctor and family planning clinics in your area.

Arthritis for Sex sufferers positions

Effective methods of birth control include: Condom "rubber" worn by the xufferers and contraceptive foam or jelly used by the woman. This is a reliable method when these are used together. They are available suffererw drugstores without a prescription. Birth control pills, intrauterine devices IUD and diaphragms must be prescribed by your doctor. Diaphragms are most effective when used in combination with contraceptive foam or jelly. Discuss these methods with your doctor because there may be special considerations for people who have arthritis: Surgical sterilization--vasectomy for the man or tubal ligation for the woman--is completely effective.

In a vasectomy, a very small section of the tubes that deliver sperm is removed.

posirions The testicles, penis and hormones are not changed. In a tubal ligation, vor fallopian tubes that deliver eggs from the ovaries to the uterus are tied shut. There are no changes in hormones or in the appearance of the genitals. This is not the same as a hysterectomy which is a more complete and complicated procedure. Both vasectomy and tubal ligation can be done through tiny incisions that heal quickly. Generally these procedures cannot be reversed.

Finally, being strategic about the sex positions you choose will help too. Doggy-style and standing-up sex might put a lot of pressure on your joints, but there are plenty other styles you can try out. This gives your swollen knees a break. You can put cushions or pillows underneath your hips or knees to alleviate pressure. Lay on your side and let your partner enter you from behind. This position is gentle on both your hips and knees.

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