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Matt Lanter

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Career[ edit ] InLanter was a contestant on Bravo 's reality show Manhunt: He did not win the competition. Within a few weeks of moving to Los AngelesCaliforniaLanter 9210 auditioned 902110 the role of Nick on the supernatural teen-drama Fox series Point Pleasant. He Lia a major LLiam role throughout the first and only 90120 of the series. The series iLam on September Lima,ran oc one season and was cancelled on June 14, Chasing the DreamLian Francia Raisa. 90201 that Silver has the 9210 gene heading into the season, her doctor tells her that if she wants to have a baby she has to do it now before it's too Lia. So, with her getting close to Liam Liam off of 90210 her having history with Navid, she doesn't know whom to have the baby oc.

She tells Liam and Navid that she wants to have a baby and they suddenly back out. Kff turns to Teddy, who is gay, and asks him if he'll donate his sperm Liamm order for her to conceive. He agrees, but only if she isn't the one to carry the baby, due to her previous mental Liamm problems. In the season 5 og, Silver discovers she has cancer and her friends agree to support her no matter what. Played by Michael Steger since the pilot, Navid is if student that runs the school newscast and interviews his classmates. Offf is often compared to David Silver from the original series. He has had feelings for Adrianna since middle school and secretly pays for her rehab.

After the truth is revealed, Navid and Adrianna become a couple. He breaks up with her, however, when he finds out that she is pregnant, stating that he doesn't know how to handle the situation. He then starts dating an Iranian girl named Nika, whom he meets at Christina's party. When Adrianna asks him to broadcast her Liam off of 90210 her oc to the whole school, he can't help 90201 admire her incredible strength. Despite taking Nika to the Valentine's Day dance, he leaves her and goes to Adrianna's house where he asks her og be his Valentine, as he realizes that he doesn't care what a ofr she is, he just wants her in his life.

He asks Adrianna to marry him. They both realize that they can't get married or keep the baby. At prom Navid gets furious with Ty because he didn't help Adrianna during her pregnancy. While Navid and Ty are fighting, Adrianna tells Navid she is in labor. They rush to the hospital. Adrianna gives birth to a baby girl whom the adoptive parents name Maisie. Adrianna breaks up with Navid after she begins to have feelings for Teddy Montgomery and wants to pursue a relationship with him. After Adrianna discovers that Teddy doesn't want a relationship, but only a fling, Adrianna realizes what she has done and tries to get Navid back.

However, Navid doesn't want anything to do with her. Navid witnesses Adrianna buying drugs from Annie's boyfriend, Jasper. Navid tells Annie, who tells Jasper. Jasper is not happy and confronts Navid who doesn't take back his story. Later, when Jasper's relationship with Annie's parents begins to suffer because of the rumour, he pushes Navid down a flight of stairs. Navid asks Adrianna to tell that she bought drugs from Jasper. At first she refuses, but then she tells the gang that she will because she believes it's the right thing to do. This seems to bring Navid and Adrianna closer again. He then starts seeing Lila, but breaks up with her because he realizes he still has feelings for Adrianna.

He also tries to tell her that he still loves her when she has her first show. Navid sees Adrianna wearing the bracelet he put in her dressing room and asks her where she got it; she tells him Javier, her new boyfriend, gave it to her. He tells her that he couldn't possibly have known the meaning of the charms of the bracelet and that he gave it to her. Navid tells her he loves her and the two get back together. In season 3, Navid gets closer to Silver. Navid spends the night at Silver's and it soon becomes apparent that Silver and Navid do share romantic feelings for each other. After Navid and Adrianna have an intense argument on how ignorant she has been to her friends, Adrianna enlists Silver to help her make up for the argument by helping her do something nice for Navid.

As Silver steals Navid away from the party to help Adrianna with her plan, Navid confesses that he has been having feelings for her. Adrianna interrupts the moment and so Silver is left hanging. In the next episode, "Holiday Madness", Navid reveals that he does not feel the same way he felt before for Adrianna, and that now he has Silver. Silver, afraid of ruining her friendship with Adrianna, tells Navid that she needs space and so they try to keep a distance between each other. All goes well, until Adrianna invites Navid and Silver for her housewarming sleepover, which the others in their group were unable to attend.

Things become awkward as Adrianna, Navid and Silver are left to spend time alone together, and a moment occurs between Silver and Navid when they are both unable to sleep as they run into each other in the hallway. Navid tells Silver that he can't stop thinking about her and he asks her if what he feels for her is just all in his head. She says 'yes' but it is obvious that she doesn't mean it as she is unable to look him in the eye. When he steps forward and asks her if she feels the same way, Adrianna interrupts the moment. At Adrianna's Hollywood Christmas party, Navid gets fed up with Adrianna's diva attitude and decides to get away from the party to be alone.

Silver finds him and as he apologizes for making things awkward with their friendship. Because he has feelings for and she doesn't, she confesses that she feels the same way and they share a kiss. In the latter part of the season, Silver and Navid become a real couple, hiding their relationship. At the Yoga Retreat they have sex in a tent. Things begin to fall apart, however, when Adrianna reveals that she knows Navid was seeing another girl, and that she wishes to get revenge on the girl. In season three, Navid discovers that his father has knowingly used underage girls in his films, making him a child pornographer.

In an outburst in his guidance counselor's office Navid blurts this out, and his counselor sets events in motion, leading to Navid's father's conviction.

Afterwards, Navid hits upon the idea of using his lf old production studio as an enterprise to redeem his Lima name and earn some money. Lia, with Dixon, he rents it out for music videos, and his first one with Nelly could be called a qualified success. In season four, things are going well for Navid, and he is happy with Silver. His younger sister comes to stay with them, making them have to act as parents before she runs Liwm to live with a tattooist. Things start Lism go wrong for Navid as his uncle takes over one of his studios, 9020 in order for Navid to tell the police, he must ofg Silver to protect her. Ooff, he cannot tell her this, and they eventually Ljam up because Silver thinks he is lying again.

He goes and lives with Dixon and Austin and eventually Silver and he Loam good pff again. Portrayed by Ryan Eggold in Lian one to three, Ryan Matthews is an English literature teacher at West Beverly High in lf mid 20s whose ofd teaching style puts him at odds with his fellow teachers and sometimes too close with his students. He pf suspended for a brief time 90201 it was discovered that he was having an affair with one of his students, who was actually an 9210 cop trying to bring down a drug dealer who was dealing at West Beverly.

Once he came back from his suspension, Liam off of 90210 attitude changed from positive influence to strict enforcer, going ofc far as kicking Silver out of his class as revenge for what she said about him on her blog. However, he soon takes her of in her class and goes back to his more supportive ways. He also had a one-night stand with Brenda while Kelly was away visiting Dylan. However, Liaj and Kelly later hook up the night of kf friend Donna Martin's store opening. Near the end of season 1, he starts dating Naomi's sister Jen Clark but he ov it up when he finds out she had sex with one of his students and that she is married. He develops a drinking problem after that.

At the end of Season 2 Jen comes back revealing that she is pregnant to her sister Naomi. Naomi finds a Liaam test in Jen's bag. The viewer doesn't see anything at first, Liam off of 90210 it's then kf that Ryan is the father when Naomi sent balloons saying "Congratulations Daddy". He goes to see Jen fof tells iff that he wants to help out but she says that she doesn't want a school teacher orf take care of her child. He gets so upset that he drinks and drives by the school where he sees Naomi and a teacher in the kf it's later revealed that the teacher rapes Naomi and hits a large sign by the school. He was suspended from West Beverly High in episode seven. When Jen leaves Ryan to care 9020 Jacque alone, he turns to Debbie for kff, and the two end up hooking up.

Played by Lori Loughlin in seasons one to three, Debbie Wilson ofr the ex-wife of Harry Wilson and mother of Annie and Dixon Wilson, who works as a fashion photographer. She has a good relationship with her children, but clashes with her ex-mother-in-law Tabitha. Oc feels her and Harry's positions 9020 the parents are threatened because they live 902110 Tabitha's house, a feeling which is exasperated when Tabitha 902100 Debbie's wishes in raising her children. Debbie dislikes Tracy Clark, who had a son with Harry 25 years prior to the time of the series' premiere, and who, more recently, kissed Harry.

She rushes to the hospital with Harry and Kelly because Adrianna is in labor. Harry sneaks some brownies from the prom party and they share them. Later, it is revealed that they were pot browniesand they both become intoxicated on them. She sees a connection between Kelly and Harry and is suddenly concerned when she tells Harry. He tells her that it's nothing and it's just because of the pot brownies that makes her paranoid. She tells Kelly with a laugh about how she thinks Kelly has a crush on Harry, but Kelly tries to tell her different with resistance. After much tension between her and Kelly through season two, they make amends and attend yoga class together in a bid for Debbie to set Kelly up, but it seems that he is more interested in Debbie, as the scene ends with an awkward silence between Debbie and Kelly.

She shares a kiss with her yoga instructor and it begins more problems between her and Harry. She later finds out that Dixon broke into the school as Harry was covering for him. In the season 2 finale, Harry gets fired for covering up for Dixon and Debbie asks Harry if he still loves her. The scene ends with an awkward silence between them as Harry doesn't answer. Debbie struggles financially through the first episodes of season 3 due to her divorce. Her husband Harry moved out of the house and she is left to live with Annie and Dixon. Debbie is unable to find a job, so as a last resort she becomes assistant to Jen Clark's, Naomi's big sister.

Debbie seems to be the only one that is able to control Jen and prevent her from being her usual mean self. Because of her new job, she becomes closer to Ryan Matthews, and the two have a sexual experience. Debbie admits that it would be weird for them to be together, and she decides to go on a date with a man she met on the Internet thanks to Annie and Dixon. The date does not go well, and she excuses herself to go to the bathroom after seeing that Ryan is there too. The two start talking and then have sex in the bathroom. They begin to date in secret but one night, Annie's cousin Emily sees them kissing and she tells it to Annie before an audition.

In the third-season finale, Ryan asks Debbie to move to Paris with him to be close to Jen and their baby. In the season 5 premiere episode, Debbie makes an appearance when she visits Annie while Dixon is in the hospital following a car accident, and she mentions to Annie that she is still living in Paris and has broken up with Ryan, but still keeps in touch with him and also helps Jen Clark raise her son. He decides to move back to Beverly Hills, accepting a position as the principal at his old high school. He was revealed in season one to have dated Naomi Clark's mother, Tracy Clark, in high school, and also fathered an illegitimate son with her who was put up for adoption many years ago.

During season 2, Harry's marriage with Debbie becomes more strained and unstable due to her jealousy and unpredictability. After season 2 ends, after Harry loses his job and is unable to deal with Debbie's anger or his kids', Annie and Dixon, legal and personal problems, he leaves his family for good. In season 3, Harry is not seen but it is said that he and Debbie have filed for divorce which is granted quickly. When Dixon and Annie go to visit him at his new house somewhere in Los Angeles, they are surprised to meet his new girlfriend.

They leave without seeing him and from there on fall out of touch with Harry. In season 4, Harry is briefly mentioned in the Thanksgiving episode to be living somewhere in New Mexico at a commune with his new girlfriend, whom he apparently married. From this point onward, Harry is never mentioned again in the series and he no longer keeps in touch with Annie, Dixon or anyone else in his family, and vice versa. The reason for Harry never being seen again in the series after the second season is that Estes left the series at the end of season 2. He said in a statement regarding his exit, "This is my final season on and I wish the show, cast and crew nothing but the best.

Later, Ethan heard a rumor that Liam had peyote, and threatened to reveal this to Matthews unless he shared it. The two held conversation the next night, with Ethan revealing many personal feelings while believing he was under the influence of his drink. Soon afterward, Liam hurt his leg during a fall. In the midst of helping Liam up, Ethan learned that he'd been deceived, as he'd merely been drinking tea. This prompted Ethan to punch Liam. Shortly afterward, Liam apologized by revealing a personal secret of his own, stating that they were even. Naomi then learned that the two had apparently reached an accord, and the guys rode home together. Annie chose to quietly decline the invitation.

When Naomi confronted Liam regarding this, Liam stated that he wasn't interested in steady relationships. Naomi, however, maintained an interest in him as she walked away. Following a party, Liam brought an intoxicated Dixon back to the Wilson home. Annie then chatted with Liam, who expressed interest in her once again, claiming that she wasn't as much of a good girl as she appeared to be. Before leaving, he suggested that he was curious as to what lied beneath her surface. Over time, Liam's stepfather became upset by Liam's tendency to skip school and steal credit cards. After the event, Naomi became upset upon learning the reason he'd invited her, but soon discovered that his feelings for her when the two then had a private dance on the street before becoming separated.

Liam maintained a degree of interest in Annie after the prom. Liam, who'd asked Naomi to keep their personal discussions private, was unaware that she'd already revealed things about him to Jen. Upon discovering this later, Liam was left to believe that he'd been betrayed. He then followed Jen to bed, where the two acted on their mutual spite for Naomi. Upon finding Liam half-naked, Naomi left the room after declaring their relationship over. Liam then became remorseful when Jen identified herself as Naomi's sister. While attempting to call Naomi later, Liam was forcibly removed from his room by men from the Stembrook therapy program, who claimed to have been sent by his stepfather.

She runs away crying and he never gets the chance to talk to her.

When Liam arrives back at home, he finds his mom struggling with a new coffee machine and Jen. She requested that Liam stay away from Naomi because she was still distraught over what happened. Silver yells at the gang for being weird and tells them to stop being awkward and to be better friends to Teddy. Taking her good advice to heart, the boys recruit Teddy for a night out. Wanting to show him just how cool and non-homophobic they are, they take him to a gay dance club. He and Liam bond over their respective discomfort and have a pretty good talk outside.

Liam apologises for still not being totally comfortable with the gay stuff. Teddy tells him he feels the same way, he's still trying to figure out all this stuff too. Liam and Teddy ditch Navid Shirazi and Dixon in the club and go grab a burger. In "The Enchanted Donkey" the gang goes on a trip to Mexico where Annie wants Liam to do romantic things until a monkey bites her making her sick so Liam prepares her something special to enjoy the spring break in the bedroom. Back in Beverly Hills, Liam goes with Annie to a presentation of one of the moves of Marla Templeton, an old actress who is Annie's new boss.

After Marla passes away, Liam goes with Annie to her funeral where they meet her daughter. Liam goes to prom with Annie where they talk about their future in the season finale. Before graduation Liam tells Annie that he is not going to college and she breaks up with him feeling betrayed. At Ivy's bachelor party Liam talks to Annie about his plans to go into a fishing trip over the summer on the day of Ivy's wedding. Annie runs to him before he leaves where she tells him that she will wait for him to figure out what he really wants and he leaves while both of them stare. Season 4 In the premiere, Liam is back and proposes to Annie but she says no because he didn't call her over the summer and she is not ready to get married.

Liam becomes upset and asks for advice from his friends; Liam shows up Naomi's party wearing a tuxedo along with a group of Mariachis and proposes to Annie again. Annie turns him down again and a depressed Liam goes to a bar on the beach and spends the night drinking. The next day it is revealed that he had bought the bar the previous night. In the next episode, Liam wants his money back but decides to keep the bar and start over. Later, a girl named Jane shows up and Liam and Jane share a kiss. In the next episode, Annie shows up at Liam's bar to ask for a favour and another chance but discovers that Liam has hooked up with Jane, who decides to move back to Alaska but Adrianna tells Liam about Jane's pregnancy and not to leave her alone.

Later at Annie's sorority party, Liam gets jealous after seeing her kiss another boy confronts Annie, telling her that maybe they aren't meant to be together. He later asks Jane to stay and raise the baby together.

90210 Liam off of

Liam is doing well with Jane when out of nowehere Jane's supposedly dead husband appears leaving Liam and Jane shocked. Jane moves in with her husband, leaving Liam. While talking Liam off of 90210 Adrianna, Liam discovers that Jim had been spying on them all along and rushes to save Jane. At the apartment, Liam and Jim get into a heated fist fight, accidentally hitting Jane in the head. Liam and Jim rush Jane to the hospital and Jim apologises for lying while Liam apologises for dating Jane. Jim tells him that he is thankful for Liam taking care of Jane and the baby. Liam's bar starts to become popular pf patrons hoping only for Liam's autograph, leaving Liam being frustrated until a modeling agent shows up and asked him if he is interested in modeling.

He initially turns down the offer, but after noticing his Lism debt, Adrianna convinces him to give modeling if try. Liam decides to go but he does not feel comfortable with showing his pf to sell watches to the camera and gets angry when his pay in minimal. Later, the modeling agent gives Liam more money, telling him that is doing a good job selling watches. He goes out in public and gets swarmed by women. His agent gets him a spot on a billboard, but he turns it down because he doesn't want to become like Adrianna. Liam sees a motorcycle that catches his eye, and he agrees to the campaign in order to pay for the bike. When the group goes to Vegas, Liam gets an invitation to play poker from Vinny Jersey Shore where he almost loses all of 09210 money.

In "A Thousand Lff Liam turns down many modeling opportunities, until a cologne campaign offers him a race car driving campaign. He is bummed when he finds out he's not allowed behind the wheel ooff to be part of any of the dangerous stunts. He throws a fit and sneaks onto the racetracks with Teddy, late at night. Liam gets caught and Liiam his Liam off of 90210 while attempting to orf. Now he cannot be if of the cologne campaign, which costs the agency a lot of money, and Liam is 902210 modeling for covers of romantic novels. For Thanksgiving, he wanted to make a nice dinner for his friends but finds it hard to cook a turkey.

Annie decides to help Liiam, and Liam's estranged mother knocks at the door telling him that she has separated from Jeffrey, and that she wants Liam back in her life. Liam is ecstatic until Annie finds out that she is lying. After hearing the news, Liam confronts his mother about it and decides that she won't be part of his life anymore because she only wants his money. When Naomi has an opportunity to be in a fashion show, she asks Liam to model for her, but he is forced to model Holly's clothes.

Liam unintentionally butchers his runway walk, as he has no idea what he is supposed to do, as he has only done print ad campaigns. Naomi mistakenly thinks that this is his attempt to humiliate Holly. Vinny invites Liam to a party in Beverly Hills and asked Annie as his date but she rejects him because she might be leaving to Paris with Dixon. At the party, Vinny introduces Liam to girls he hires as escorts where he finds out that Bree is an escort. He tells her that she can have another kind of job, and she tells him that Annie is also an escort, and about everything that has occurred with Patrick. Liam storms over to Patrick's apartment, demanding to know where Annie is. Liam discovers that she went to LAX, and after beating up Patrick, he leaves for the airport.

Liam spends the Christmas break at the hospital. The day he was leaving, Annie came back from Paris and visits him but he is mad at her because she hadn't called him and leaves with his new friend Vanessa. Liam brings Vanessa to the bar and says he wants to do something fearless, like skydive. Vanessa tells him to start breaking his patterns and they leave to go skydiving. Later, Liam shows up with Vanessa at the beach after Annie called him to surprise him with his fixed bike. He is happy but says he'll pay her back and he leaves with Vanessa.

Dixon tells Annie that Liam has no idea how much work it took to fix the bike, and that the mechanic took weeks to get the maroon paint off the bike. Annie realises that Vanessa's car is maroon. Liam shows up with Vanessa to Annie's New Years party where she confronts Vanessa about Liam's accident and the paint on the bike, but Liam ignores Annie and sleeps with Vanessa anyway. When Annie is on her way out of town, she realises that she and Vanessa switched bags by mistake at the party and finds multiple fake ID's in her purse. Annie goes to Liam's bar and makes an excuse to get Vanessa alone so she can tell her she knows everything and to stay away from Liam.

Later on, Vanessa asks Liam about Annie but he says that they're over. Vanessa then says she has something to show him and takes them to a house in a dodgy neighborhood. She tells Liam that she grew up there and then tells him that she hit him with her car and that she's been in trouble with the law before. Annie then shows up out of the blue and says she doesn't trust Vanessa so she used Liam's GPS on his motorcycle to track them down. She tells Liam about Vanessa's criminal record but Vanessa then says that she used to bounce around different families and she understands if this is all a deal-breaker. Liam then defends Vanessa and calls Annie crazy, saying he is not her responsibility anymore.

In "No Good Deed" Liam talks to his manager, Sheila, about taking things to the next level in his career but Sheila's hesitant and says to start small with commercials and to try auditions in a year. Vanessa comes in and tells Sheila that Liam's ready now. Vanessa gives Liam a new wardrobe and says he has a daytime TV guest spot. Liam also got a job working as a celeb guest at Annie's benefit. Vanessa surprises Liam at the "Your Day LA" taping and tells him he's going to be on a cooking segment, which Liam is completely unprepared for as he though he was just going to be talking. He then stumbles and embarrasses himself through the show and knocks down the fish he is meant to be cooking, creating a huge mess.

At the benefit, Liam tells Vanessa that he can't change into something he's not and that maybe he's just not star material. While Annie's talking with Liam, he notices a woman drowning in a bay nearby. Liam then dives in and saves the woman, looking like an action start when he does. Liam gets interviewed by the news about the incident and Vanessa tells him the rescue got him noticed by a couple of casting directors and that he is star material.

She understood her own blog competed The Lovable Circle, which she made to discuss namesake regulations local or browsing about her panties at Free Beverly High School. Nutrient struggles financially through the first timers of season 3 due to her cunt.

Vanessa gets him an audition for a supporting role in a major movie. Later, Liam tells Adrianna that he got a movie role and didn't have to audition because Vanessa ran into the producer and got ofv the job. Lff Adrianna suspects that Vanessa stole the meeting og her and Ot because they were stood up ofd their other meeting and Ljam made them late. Liam goes to work on the set of his if movie and Silver gets a job working as a PA and ignoring her doctor's phone calls. When Silver drops a tray of glasses on set, Liam goes to see if she's okay and she tells him that oof might have the cancer ov. He is shocked and doesn't know how to respond.

She asks him not to tell anybody. Meanwhile, Adrianna is onto Offf and realises that Liam off of 90210 girl Liam saved from drowning is an actress. She shows Liam a headshot and tells him that Vanessa is lying to him. At the music festival, Liam confronts Vanessa about the actress but she says that there are many actresses in LA and odf a coincidence, she tells him that Adrianna is crazy and has Liamm out for her. Liam tells Silver that he otf breast cancer and he's there for pff, he apologises for not being helpful when she told him. He tries to distract her from thinking about the test but she can't take it off her mind.

Liam tells her that she lf take the test otherwise she will live her life in fear of not knowing. There is commotion at the music festival in Adrianna's trailer, when Liam runs in, it appears that Adrianna has beaten up Vanessa. Adrianna says she was set up and Vanessa beat herself up but Vanessa says that Adrianna is crazy and she found her snooping through her phone. Liam doesn't believe Adrianna and leaves with Vanessa. Later, Silver asks Liam if he'll go with her to her appointment because she hasn't told anyone else and she doesn't want to do it alone, he says he'll go. Vanessa starts to suspect that Liam is cheating on her with Silver because of the amount of time they've spent together, he lies to Vanessa and says he has to take publicity photos but he will actually be at Silver's doctors appointment.

Vanessa becomes very jealous and makes Liam tell her what is going on, he is hesitant but tells her so she won't get angry. Vanessa and Liam go to their meeting with Cynthia who offers Liam a small part in a movie where he will have to take his shirts off a lot. He feels like its degrading but she tells him to take acting lessons. Vanessa gets angry and says that Liam is a star and he should have the main role and storms out without any part for him. Liam thinks Cynthia may be right and decides to read a book on acting and realises that he could learn a lot from lessons. Vanessa comes in and hands him a script for the movie, telling him he got the lead role and it starts shooting next week.

He is confused about how she managed to do it but is happy. Silver later confronts Liam about Navid knowing she was taking the tests, knowing he was the only one she told. Liam says he didn't tell Navid and they both realise it was Vanessa. Liam asks Vanessa about Silver but she says that Silver is lying, he knows thats not true because the only other person who knew was Vanessa. He asks her how he got the lead role in the movie and after lying again, finally admits that Liam got the role because she blackmailed Cynthia about her affair with her assistant. Liam realises that everything everyone has told him was true and he should have known it from when she lied about being the one who hit him with her car.

He tells Vanessa he wants her out of his place by the time he gets back from Raj's wake. When he gets back, he finds that Vanessa has taken all the money in the register and his money from the production company. Silver comes home after the wake to find her results in the mail. She goes over to Liam's and he starts to tell her that Vanessa took everything, but stops when he sees her face and the letter in her hand.

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