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This show has already impacted the communities in which it was performed, and we are confident that it will continue to do so on a larger scale. Our company, Yellow Rose Productions, is passionate about producing theatre that provokes social change and promotes empathy in our audience.

We use theatre such as Princess Cut fuvk deliver an incredible narrative, while simultaneously educating and raising awareness about an important issue. It is our hope that launching this Kickstarter will cover the costs of bringing our cast and crew to ERality for five performances of Princess Cut. After creating our budget and considering travel, food, lodging, promotion and production costs for our cast and crew of twelve, we realized that we needed to ask for financial help. We understand that there are countless projects that are worth funding, and we appreciate your consideration.

Thank you for taking the time to check out our campaign and for joining us in bringing Sarah's story to a larger audience. Building awareness and recognition is how we are committed to fighting sex trafficking. In the past, we have traveled with this show and we understand what challenges come with a new location.

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It younv be difficult to put on a show in a theater venue we have not been to before. We also face the challenges Relity organizing and coordinating travel for twelve people. We are also solely responsible for promotion and drawing an audience in a city in which we have never produced. This show was originally meant as a one night only production. Since its premier, we have tackled the challenges of producing the show in three different cities, and are fully confident in our ability to do it again on a larger scale. Questions about this project? Even a dollar can go a long way, and we appreciate your support.

Over 90 percent of the girls being trafficked in Canada were born here, and experts suspect there are thousands of them. The Reality fuck young girl age at which exploitation begins is 13; the average age of rescue, if a girl is rescued at all, is Human trafficking is now the fastest growing criminal industry in the world. After forming a relationship with an underage girl by plying her with new clothes, makeup and promises of a future together—a so-called grooming process that often only takes a couple of weeks—he pimped her out to men more than twice her age.

There have been cases where girls were picked up from school, still in their uniforms, pimped out, then dropped off at home. Dell was trafficked within 24 hours. Already vulnerable she was a shy kid with few friends and had been sexually exploited by her boss at a part-time job when she was 16she was waiting tables in her hometown of Hamilton, Ont. Dell came from a relatively sheltered, middle-class family. She was living with her father at the time, but the relationship was rocky. It seemed like a fun, typical night out, but the next morning, Kayla turned ugly. They got into the rental car, and no one was speaking. Dell thought Kayla was driving her home, but instead they pulled into a strip club.

Kayla told Dell to get out and make her the money. Looking back, Dell now believes Kayla was also a victim. Not only was she pimped out herself, she was also forced to recruit other women. Somehow, Dell can still find empathy for the woman who stole years of her life. And the manager was only too happy to have a new girl in the club. She declined, but they decided she could dance anyway.

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Later, they forced her to call her father to tell him that she giro him youbg was youmg out. It was the worst experience of my life. Kayla and her pimps took all the money, threatened to kill her family and withheld food. Dancing for old men? I needed to be completely out of my mind. There were days the club was quiet, and Dell needed to meet her quota. Dell attempted suicide several times, but was always caught. She tried telling her clients—construction workers, businessmen, lawyers, pastors, students, teachers, fathers, grandfathers—what was happening to her. Unfortunately, the man Dell trusted to help free her from the club was no better than her pimps.

He trapped her in his motel room for a month, forcing her to have sex with him twice a day. She eventually got her hands on a cell phone and called an old boyfriend from Hamilton.

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