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This, just like anything else, is a skill. The more time you spend practising listening with your eyes, the easier it becomes. Start out with a little meditation to get you centred. There are plenty of guides on the web you can read through or you can get what I believe to be a great guided meditation with Endgame. Or you can do this in the real world by using headphones or earplugs. But whatever you do, practice, practice, practice. If you want to really understand women and what they really want, this is a vital skill to have. Walk around all day and make eye contact with people you find interesting or attractive.

Keep doing it until it feels natural. It will help your confidence. Glance and a Half Level 3 is the first level where interest is conveyed, ever so slightly. Like the other lower levels of eye contact, the glance-and-a-half is subtle and difficult to notice without a lot of practice. Humans are wired to spend more time looking at things they find attractive on an unconscious level. It took me a while to start picking up on Level 3 eye contact. Any eye contact from Level 3 and should be a strong incentive for the two of you to at least have a conversation.

Any time you make eye contact with someone attractive and they look away, keep looking at them for another few seconds. The data you collect can be used to build new relationships or to repair existing ones. Take the time to look beyond those pretty eyes to see the complex nature of the woman's feelings and true emotions. A woman's eyes can reveal what's in her heart and mind. Meet Singles in your Area! Learn to be a discreet observer. Women pluck their eyebrows higher up their forehead because it makes us look more helpless. Women tend to raise their eyebrows and lower their eyelids to give the look of orgasming.

Gazing at someone often engages their attention and encourages them to like you in return. On average, she needs to do it three times before the man notices. A sideways glance over a raised shoulder highlights curves and the roundness of the female face, which signifies estrogen and exposes the vulnerability and pheromones of the neck. A great move for women trying to flirt. Gazing Gazing can be an intimate activity. In fact, if you disagree with a superior, you can show disagreement by holding your gaze for a bit longer than normal.

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An interesting experiment shows the importance of gazing while dating. This caused the person to do deep eye gazing to try figuring out which eye was the problem eye. Interestingly, eead to people on the control group dates they were told nothing about an eye problem the people on the eye problem date scored each other much better and rated the date higher and more intimate. There are three types of gazing: It is non-aggressive and shows comfort. If someone is doing this to you, it usually means they are having intimate thoughts about you.

Power Gazing — This is a triangle between the eyes and the forehead. In other words, if you were in a group then the person who likes you will give you the lion's share of eye contact while looking less at the other people around. In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that prolonged gaze can actually lead to attraction. When you look at someone's eyes for longer periods of time hormones that are responsible for attraction get released automatically in your bodies. The person who likes you will want to see you laughing that's why he will give you a quick look after he says anything funny just to make sure that you are laughing or that his joke appealed to you see also Jokes psychology 6 Pupil dilation: The pupil of the person who likes you will dilate in your presence.

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