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Bronxville Review Press and Reporter, 3 May 1990 — Page 15

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I am perwonals divorced white male With no dependents, 40, S' 7", I60lbs. I am somewhat shy, yet fun, stable and financially secure. Prrsonals enjoy movies, travel, history 8. I am seeking, a single or divorced relationship-oriented, notoverweight female, late 20s to mid 30s: BoxChappaqua, NY personls call Code JEWISH Petite jewiah, young 39, loves the outdoors, jogging, perosnals, travel, movies, peronals, seeks non-smoking athletic Jewish male, Fore, for future together. Send Note, Photo, Phone To: PO Box ,White Plains. Fotd Sonny BoxHartsdale, N. Professional, 33, 5'7", brown hair. If you'rea pegsonals, upbeat, attractive, playful, adventurous, ready for serious relationship, please respond, incl phone 8, photo to BoxChappaqua, NY or call QI Code SINGLE, white, Christian female 35, financially secure, 5'-8", jeaish hair, green eyes, full ' figured,' not queen-'sized, seeks white, marriage-mind-ed man, like law enforcer.

Please be financially secure, intelligent. Note, photo BOX this paper or. Single White Male 32, handsome, affectionate, successful. Starting over single, white, man, 30s, 6'1,good looking; great sense of humor, seeks pretty, slim, intelligent woman. I am successful in business, like dining, travel,working out, adventure. Someone ready for a relationship who is truthful, loyal 8. Maturity more a factor than age, Business makes it difficult to meet the right one. Hesitant about meeting this wav, but if it works out we'll laugh about it later together.

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