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During sexual excitement, the vagina Firsf by lengthening and widening in shape. When it is in a relaxed state not arousedthe walls of the vagina are collapsed against each other, flattened by the pressure of the surrounding organs and tissues within the pelvis. This fluid is called arousal fluid. The walls of the vagina are composed of different layers of tissue.

Around mid-cycle, when estrogen is highest, vaginal tissue lookingg thicker rimeer fuller 5. Underneath the mucosal tissue are layers of smooth muscle tissue, collagen, and elastin fibers, which give the vagina both structure and ability to stretch. During the reproductive years after menarche the first menstrual period and before menopause, more layers of tissue are present lining the vagina, due to stimulation from higher estrogen levels in the body 1. How the vagina changes with age The vagina can change a lot throughout a person's life.

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Lifetime lookiny in the vulva and vagina. This tube is the connection between your uterus and the outside world. A critical view of sex in the human female. The vagina is what babies exit through during birth, and what menstrual blood exits through during your period. The vagina is an incredible organ which changes in response to hormones, life stages, and physical responses.

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Does vaginal size impact sexual activity and function?. Farage M, Maibach H. The vagina connects the vulva to the cervix In a non-aroused state, the walls of the vagina are collapsed against each other The vagina changes: This allows time for the semen to mix with female genital fluids, stimulating the sperm to undergo the physical changes necessary for fertilizing an egg 9.

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