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March 17, 1923, Vol. 116, No. 3012

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While the French seem prepared to farthest limits possible in coming to hm understand- drive hard in an attempt to complet e the surrender ing with the Allies on reparations as well as on the of Berlin and even willing to face the prospect of general economic co-operation of the Entente. The revolutionary disturbance in German y, the Belgians, only conditions Germany will under no circum- with perhaps a surer knowledge of the sentiments of stances accept will be such as might impair the status the German people and with certainl y more caution, of the Rhineland or the Ruhr in any way in their are anxious that no opportunity be lost to begin neattachment to the Reich.

Domestic meeting is said will be a robbery of the Lausanne news. The flares were the first to get to this region and bend of Jesus Christ and His Troop.

At the same time the Brussels Government is definitely Apparently the French lost no time in putting into committed to the support of France, and yesterday's effect at least some features of the policy with re- declaration of unity was inevitable in the face of the spect to the Ruhr that was reaffirmed at the Brus- present situation. It was brought up by Sir John Simon Liberal. Former Premier Asquith "also demanded an exposition of the Government's policy. He said that the whole House recognized the vital change in the situation represented by the new development which had taken place in the character of the Ruhr occupation.

The scope of operations had been enormously extended, he said, and there did not seem to be any reason now why the French should not go to Munich or Berlin. It took a great deal of courage for them to step up to the plate. And they are hitting home runs all over the place. What a privilege it is for me to live and work with Brother Maynard Shurley! Mass, could recite all the Latin responses from heart, got out of class to serve at weddings, funerals, and walked in May crownings. In short, grew accustomed to the face of Catholicism.

This impulse lifted me into my teaching ministry as a brother of the Sacred Heart. But to get back to the question, which is in the present tense, why I am a Catholic still. But each stage of life has it own questions and answers.

I am still a Catholic because I find in the Church remarkable companions for the journey, my own Catholic siblings, who carry on what I call the first Church, the family; the many Brothers of the Sacred Heart, giants of faith, who gave ample testimony by the lived faith of their lives, some Jesuits who taught me, some Franciscans who befriended me, some bishops who called me by my first name, and many nuns who have been true sisters to me—all believers. What companions for the journey! We were never made to walk through life alone, and in the Catholic faith, I find marvelous companions for the pilgrimage.

Not to mention the One who always walks with us. Blonski Goes to Rome Fr. So I get various e-mails from them with messages from the prefect, Cardinal Hummes, and information about upcoming events. I talked about it with my friend, Father Bill Day, and we decided to go, with an added pilgrimage to the Holy Land after the event in Rome. It so happened that Father Bill was unable to attend, but—despite many obstacles—including a volcano and an airline strike, I decided to go anyway. I met up with some friends in Rome, and made a lot of new priest friends while there. It was a beautiful and cool evening. The Holy Father spoke very well, as always, very wise yet very gentle.

But his words are powerful. As a priest, I found them enlightening and encouraging. He answered thoughtful questions from priests from five different continents. Indeed, there were priests from all over the world there, mostly from developing countries in Africa, Asia, and South America. In fact, the Mass had 15, priests concelebrating with the Holy Father, the largest number of concelebrants at a Mass in all history! It was awesome to say that I was part of that. Favorite Them Lonley woman want adult dating and fucking Mature lonely looking dating uk Haulover Beach Today m4mw m4w Anyone heading to the beach today? What's a good time? Where specific to meet? From there, he walked to the front door, opened it and took the shotgun from the bag.

He saw a purse and took it outside to empty it — an attempt to make it look like a burglary gone bad. A dog made a noise. He saw a woman in the hallway. He ran toward her. At first, she thought it was her husband pulling a prank, then realized an intruder was in the house. He forced her face down on the floor and pointed the loaded shotgun at her back. He yelled, "Where's Manny? He yelled again, "Where's Manny? Then, it hit him. These were the wrong people. Manny didn't live here. He needed to get out.

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