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While terms of imprisonment are rare for first time drink driving offences the Magistrates do have the ability to order a jail sentence if they believe the offence warrants a harsher penalty. If your BAC is higher than 0. You will be considered a repeat offender if you have had a previous drink driving offence in the last 5 years. Further requirements after suspension period ends All drink drivers who have had their licence suspended due to a drink driving offence will be required to hold a probationary licence for 12 months. If you are charged with a failure to provide a breath sample then it is a defence to this charge to prove that due to a physical condition you were unable to provide a sufficient specimen of breath.

This is a very technical area of the law and if you think you have a defence you should contact us. Will I get a criminal record? No all traffic convictions are just that, traffic convictions, they are not considered to be criminal charges. The Courts are unlikely not to record a conviction unless specific evidence is placed before it that a traffic conviction will harm you in some way.

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It should be noted however that overseas travel may be more difficult or impossible if a conviction for a DUI is recorded, especially to Islamic countries or the United States or Canada Do I get to keep my physical licence? No, you are required to surrender your licence to Queensland Transport by the day after the Court disqualifies you or to the Police prosecutor on the Court date. What will happen in Court? We have a great article on appearing in Brisbane Court for drink driving charge that will give you more information. Will my matter be in the paper? Possibly, the Court is an open Court, what this means is that any person is entitled to watch the Court proceedings.

This also means that a reporter is entitled to report on what occurred in the Court. It is also illegal to drive or be in charge of an animal e.

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If I've been drinking alcohol, can I go and 'sleep it off' in my car? So even if the police haven't seen you driving, just by being in the car under the influence of alcohol or Drink driving fines qld remember, zero alcohol if you are on a learner, provisional, probationary or restricted licenceyou risk being charged with breaking the law. I have to go to court for drink driving, is it ok for me to drive until court? If the police pull you up and you are 'over the limit', your licence will be immediately suspended for the next 24 hours. If you drive within that 24 hours, even if it is just to go back to where you left your car and drive it home, you are breaking the law.

If you are caught and still over the limit, you can be charged again for drink driving and also with the more serious offence of driving while suspended. Even if when you go back to get the car you are under the limit, you still risk being caught for driving while suspended. Sometimes it is possible to get a special licence to allow you drive before you go to court. Our solicitors specialise in these matters and will use their experience and expertise to lead you through the process to the best possible outcome. Call for more information. Traffic offences are treated seriously in Queensland. If you have been in an accident, received a licence suspension or received a charge and summons to attend court, it is important to obtain competent legal advice as early as possible.

Our lawyers are highly experienced and understand the difficulties you face without a licence. We can guide you through the process while dealing with the various authorities related to your matter. Why Choose Armstrong Legal?

A police check would reveal if you have a criminal conviction recorded against your name, and the charge for which it was recorded. In certain professions a criminal conviction may need to be reported to a regulatory body. For example, a member of the legal profession must report any criminal convictions to the relevant law society who will then make a determination as to whether that legal practitioner should be allowed to continue to practice law. A criminal conviction may also inhibit future overseas travel.

Most countries require visitors to obtain a visa prior to entering the country. As part of the visa process, the applicant will more than likely finees to disclose any criminal convictions. Depending on the policy of the particular country for which the visa is being sought, the visa may or may not be granted based on your criminal record. It is your choice whether to represent yourself or whether to have a solicitor represent you in Court.

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