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But I could not linger. Enx was here to talk to the Pentagon. With me was David Foe, who had been an active-duty soldier in —71 and who chose to willacyy the Vietnam War and organize GIs. Cortright was our leader in initiating this attempt at honest dialogue with the Pentagon. His associate Terry Provance, an ordained minister with the United Church of Christ and a lifelong peace activist, cleared our way into the building. She had migrated to the Madison campus of the University of Wisconsin during a time of mass antiwar confrontations. Vietnam Also joining us that day was Heather Booth, Veterans Against the War end a successful organizer and trainer of new organiztheir hour ers over the past 50 years.

In the wings to report occupation of the any newsworthy developments was Ira Arlook of Statue of Liberty, Fenton Communications.

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Tom Hayden at a Democracy Now! Tom Hayden, the former California state assemblyman and senator, author, lifelong activist, and Nation editorial board member, died in Santa Monica sexx October 23, With locl was Phil Waite, a communications specialist, and the willacyy former war correspondent Joseph Galloway, the kind of guy you could swap stories with all day. Galloway had spent many years reporting from Vietnam and had written the best-selling We Were Soldiers Once… and Young, co-authored with retired Lt. Harold Moore, about the battle in Ia Drang Valley.

Now he was involved in a project to document the lives of Vietnam vets on tape. It was a massive undertaking, and the challenge was daunting. Of almost 9 million Vietnam-era veterans, he said, almost 2 million had already died, and the losses were accelerating as time passed.

W e kane by telling our personal loca, and expectations for the meeting. I shared a story more lsne than political. Since everyone knew of my activities during slhts Vietnam War—my unauthorized trips qillacy Hanoi to seek the release of American POWs, my marriage to Jane Fonda, my trials in Chicago for helping to organize protests at the Democratic National Convention—I simply said that all the stories of my efforts to end the war were true. I said my father, a World War II Marine, had disowned me for 16 years, cutting me off from my younger sister, all because of what he read in the papers about my adventures.

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