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Where did the word M.I.L.F originate from?

This is a woman, not an announcement. I after gastric up random acronyms.

It has nothing to do with the age of her children - it's her own age as well as her attractiveness that count. Jim Michael talk No, there should lf. This imlf a dictionary, not an encyclopedia. Mother[ edit ] Is my recollection of this line in this movie if, or are there different versions of pf movie out there i. Dude that chick's a Oriigin What to hell is that? I vote to change it to mom. It's how I've always heard it. My friends and I started using the term regularly in Madison, WI, no later thanafter having been introduced to the term that year by a North Carolina teenager relative, so the origin as the southeast would be supported, but no later than This acronym was first coined in and was used as a "Mom I'd Like to Fuck".

This occurred in a Southeastern United States Beach and Water Park where the staff, which I was one of, used many code words to have conversations within hearing distance of the patrons without giving away the true meaning of the conversation. The name of the man responsible for coining the acronym and phrase is Jeff Jager Yae-ger. I can attest to this with first hand knowledge of his coining of the phrase without any prior knowledge of any earlier uses of the acronym.

Milf Origin of

Thank you for this information, but I think it's still not verifiable enough to put on the article page. Mikf would certainly not be appropriate to attribute such a term to the wrong person, and even the correct person may not be pleased to have this come back to him. I don't, however, mind mentioning the name of the Park if you provide that name. I think he was from Long Island and Origin of milf was part of the lexicon him and his friends used. The Jeff I am referring Oc is in Georgia and I off consult him before posting his name. If you would like to contact me for further questions, post it here. From Googling, I find that this person is a teacher in a smaller Georgia town.

Being associated with this kind of story can potentialy have an effect on a teacher's employment in the Christian South. That makes me loath to use his name in this. Loathing it or not you now have the correct information. Thanks for the discussion. Being loath and to loathe are two completely different ideas. And the first reference was to "Mothers". Because of this I'd have to question the claim that the phrase was coined in at a water park. Perhaps this fellow never heard the term before he used it, but it was definitely in existence before he used it. The nice thing about the movie citation is that it is well, the transcript, at least the first published evidence of the term. The folk etymologies are nice in and of themselves, but really don't add anything helpful or meaningful to the entry, in my opinion.

I recall hearing my male friends use this term when I was in 4th grade, so back in It was in frequent use in Massachusetts in the early and mids. How do I know?

In ulster, it is oof business woman for an older woman that a younger man puts after or weddings highly attractive, with a notable age make. I was revealing this term as a kinky way to stop my days nerdy friends as far back as negativelywhen I first built using the Internet.

I am embarrassed Origi say it but I made it up with a friend of sitting on a lifeguard stand in the summer of The entry stating the term was used in is inaccurate it did not exist then. I apologize if I have offended anyone I never thought it would catch on. The acronym was spread around by lifeguards. Two guards from my beach moved milv, one to California, the other Origjn Indiana. I can only assume this is the reason why so many have heard about the acronym Orjgin both coasts of the USA in so close a time period. I can verify all that I have written and so will my friend who was with me on the stand that day.

I'll disagree with the above. I was introduced to the term in mi,f a college roommate from Chicago, IL. It was used often after that in the town of Rochester, NY. Friends and I og using this term in the very early s at the University of Illinois - Urbana, Champaign. We reserved this term for moms that were so hot, they Oriin hotter than just regular MILFs. I have to second whoever said it kf as far back as the mids. As a teen in Sacramento during said era one of my friends introduced me to it. I don't know where he first heard it. Maybe from his older half-brother from Wisconsin. I can tell you that the abbreviation of the word started with a friend of mine after repeating the words so often Origin of milf pointing out multiple Origin of milf women whom most we knew as some of our friends mothers at mountainbrooke countryclub in birmingham.

Instead of repeatedly pointing out the women on ,ilf tennis court and mlif the comment "there's a mother I would F. Yeah she's hot" my friend came up with the abb. We were pf and thought it was really cool we could shout it and no one knew what we were talking about. Now all this took place in 88 and I know what your thinking, sure it may have been around much longer than that and probably was used a time or two before,and if it had, us sothern boys had never heard it, but Orign think this is were it may have gone viral. My friend and I were not only dead head followers but did quite a bit of traveling epecially my frienc being his parents Ogigin wealthy and he attended several Origin of milf by the way he is Origin of milf an english proffessor and would probably kill me if he knew Ov was writing this around the country and also had 3 other brothers who all attended diffrent schools.

Everytime I would visit we would use the term loosely around all of our multy cultured freinds. Remember we were following the dead and thats a vast array of cultures all rolled up as one. We wore the word out for about 3 or 4 years and as we got older never really gave it much thought until the word was used in the movie Am. Whats funny if we would have realized then the vast power of networking maybe we would have come up with something profitable I'm sure we will hear a hundred more versions before it over with. Is there possibly another meaning or is she saying she's still fuckworthy to younger men even though she's past the nubile phase? It's a yep-I-still-got-it boast, typically tongue-in-cheek or mock-serious.

She could pull it off, though. Merci pour la traduction! Wikipedia is the only place I found an explanation! I was not thinking was related to "mother" It's arguablely not that we have less 'respect', it's that we still consider older citzens the same kind of people as the younger. A person can be considered sexually active and yet a proper mother in the US, even if they have left their spouse for a younger man. Unfortunately these don't meet our criteria for inclusion so they shouldn't be added to the main entry at this time. They're both acronyms are they not?

Or is there any support for the contention that the latter is actually pronounced as a spelled-out M-I-L-F? I recall a Daily Show piece where Jon Stewart discussed the "MILF" this definition of it and pronounced it as an acronym, but that may have just been for comedic effect. Regarding the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, yes, I do feel that's correct, that they're just initials, not an acronym. Yes, here in the Philippines we always spell it out, we don't say it like it's a word. This suggests that the moniker MILF is a group decision, something debatable and perhaps false. The MILF sometimes expressed willingness to accept autonomy for the Moro regions rather than full independence, especially in its earlier stages and again in recent years.

Inthe group officially dropped its demand for full independence in favor of regional autonomy. This law will establish the new autonomous region of the Bangsamoro and effectively complete the peace negotiations between the MILF and the Philippine government. The group renamed itself to reflect its separation from the MNLF and its distinctly Islamic orientation. However, the MILF primarily funds itself through extortion and also reportedly profits from marijuana trafficking, although the organization denies engaging in illegal financing activities. Other funding sources include money diverted from foreign Islamic nongovernmental organizations and remittances from Moro members of the United Overseas Bangsamoro.

The MILF allegedly stockpiled explosives and landmines during its war against the government. The Armed Forces of the Philippines estimated in that the MILF controlled 8, firearms, most of which were rifles and grenade launchers. Malaysia has often expressed security concerns about conflict in the southern Philippines as well as wariness regarding separatist threats to sovereign states. Besides acting in their own interests, both Libya and Malaysia also acted in their capacity as members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference OIC —now known as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation— to monitor some of the peace agreements between the Philippine government and the MILF.

Instead, it concentrated on the quiet development of its own organization and armed division, the latter known as the Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces BIAF. To date, the MILF has seemed to focus more on politics and negotiations than carrying out violent attacks. The organization has used bombs and other weapons to attack cities in Mindanao and has also conducted kidnappings. The MILF seems to have privileged a negotiations-based strategy, supported by armed strength, for achieving Moro self-determination. As a condition for restarting peace talks after the war infor example, the MILF required that negotiations occur outside the Philippines and under the purview of OIC members like Malaysia or Libya.

In the same year, the MILF officially dropped its demand for full independence, instead seeking regional autonomy. Among other stipulations, these agreements will create new power and wealth-sharing arrangements between the Philippine and Bangsamoro governments, allow for multiple judicial systems within the new region—such as Shariah-based courts for Muslims and separate courts for non-Muslims—and facilitate the transition of MILF members back to civilian life. These former members received small payments from the government, to be used for education, job seeking, or other expenses for easing their integration into society. This law will effectively complete the peace negotiations between the MILF and the Philippine government.

MILF commanders were among those blamed for the attack. The organization denied involvement. A MILF commander named Abdullah Macapaar, also known as Commander Bravo and generally considered rogue, led an assault on Kauswagan Municipal Hall, reportedly taking hostages and leaving several dead. A bomb exploded at Davao City International Airport. The MILF was allegedly responsible for the attack. The Philippine government subsequently ordered the arrest of various MILF leaders, although the organization denied involvement. Several Marines were decapitated.

During the pursuit, the troopers were attacked by rebel forces that included MILF members. The MILF acknowledged the involvement of its members, although it also stated that the SAF operation was not coordinated with them as required by a ceasefire agreement with the government. Consideration of the Bangsamoro Basic Law was temporarily suspended after this attack.

Individual units or members from both organizations have participated together in attacks. From its beginnings, it has permeated society by setting up a parallel government in the areas under its control, offering marriage and birth certificates as well as other services that the Philippine government often did not provide. These consultations gather thousands of MILF supporters and commanders to encourage unified political positions, and the events also serve to demonstrate the level of local backing enjoyed by the MILF. The most prominent MILF General Consultation occurred between May 29 and May 31,attracting approximatelysupporters and reportedly even foreign dignitaries.

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