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Start small and go up on amount as they keep it down. When the child is in the middle of throwing up and ask for a drink, just give them a few tablespoons of liquid in a cup. If they can keep that down for minutes increase the amount by a little. If they can keep it down, increase it some more. They need to drink a lot to replace fluids but just tiny amounts frequently will help keep it down more so than a ton of liquid at all one time. Many times I barter with my kids to take small sips when they have the stomach bug.

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Use your parent instinct. If your child is really sleepy and not moving at all then watch them for dehydration. Your provider will ask questions about your symptoms, Lst as: When did the vomiting begin? How long has it lasted? The most common cause is viral infections or gastroenteritis. And we've all had that, you know, the vomiting, diarrhea that lasts a couple of days and goes away, and usually there's a fever. A lot of people call it the flu. It's technically not the flu, it's viral gastroenteritis. But then bacterial can be a cause as well, like food poisoning. When do you need to seek medical attention? If you have a severe headache with it, because unfortunately vomiting can be a sign of some central nervous system problem like encephalitis, even a ruptured aneurysm in the brain.

If you have a high fever, over If you have other medical problems that put you at risk; if you're togrther a healthy person to begin with. But the average healthy person can probably give it geh hours as long as they're able to keep some liquids down. What's actually happening when we vomit? Normally when ib swallow something there's pu,e, normal muscle contractions that push the food down into your stomach. When did they sleep? Did they have a fever? The best way to help the doctor help your child is to keep track of what is actually going on. Today Vivi slept an extra hour after I put her in my bed.

Five minutes to the grocery store and she was out we turned around and came home so she could sleep in her bed. Many times kids want to sleep, they just have to be given the opportunity. Mine would never fall asleep in the middle of playing, but put them in their beds? Dress your kids and yourself appropriately. On top of the fitted sheet place another waterproof mattress cover and then another fitted sheet.

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When they throw up just peel off the top layer and you have another sheet ready to go underneath. You can get the child back settled and rested as soon as possible. Cover the floor with towels. When you put them to bed, lay one or two towels out on the side of the bed and for older kids, place a path of towels to the bathroom. Some might go through it but it will still be easier than if you had nothing covering the carpet. Unused towels can be used that day for baths. When it does get on carpet and upholstery, know how to clean it without a ton of chemicals.

Your vet can use a number of tests to determine the cause of vomiting of blood. The vet may make a tentative diagnosis based on presentation of symptoms. Tests are required for a definitive diagnosis. If cancer is suspected, the vet may take a biopsy of the gastrointestinal tract.

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