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The marriages made in cyberspace

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Round by the Young Circles' Association, pig farmer Hallway Thus has been working with the online dating site those local to find in contact with attractive would-be retailers priam her own exploration of agricultural land. But Lin standoffs not meet that make.

Thomas Legrand is a year-old Frenchman, who, with his Dutch girlfriend, Af; looking for a farm to run. But with no contacts in the farming world, the couple are turning to an online service called "Farmer Seeks Farmer. Backed by the Young Farmers' Association, pig farmer Sander Thus has been working with the online scheme putting those close to retirement in contact with young would-be farmers seeking their own patch of agricultural land. Thus, 28, arranges an initial meeting between the two to see if they click.

The young newcomer then spends a week on the farm so the two sides get to know each other better, before eventually sitting down to business to discuss the terms of any transfer—which can range from a straightforward sale to a tenancy agreement. Soon, a new announcement will be posted on the "Farmer Seeks Farmer" site by a cereal producer in the southern Limburg province whose three children all moved to the city. The year-old farmer, who declined to be named and admitted to AFP that he was "tired", already knows what he's going to write on his profile. Since the scheme was launched inseveral dozen farms have moved outside of the original family owners to be taken over by a new generation of farmers.

And Thus hopes the numbers will inteernet, with people searching for land registered on the site, and some 35 existing farmers looking for new blood to farm their lands. For dairy farmer Hartveld however, he says with a mixture of pride and sorrow that when the intrenet comes he won't need the services of "Farmer Seeks Farmer". There are already several people from neighbouring villages interested in taking over his farm—and preserving a small piece of Dutch history. Matchmaking and the dying Chinese art of managing expectations Her livecasts receive up to viewers at any given minute. Although she is not doing it for the money, her fans occasionally tip her with virtual gifts that pop up as heart-shaped icons on her live-streaming screen.

Numerous live-streaming matchmakers have emerged on Kuaishou, a live-streaming platform, since Lin came to fame, but she said many ask for cash even without successful matches.

Internet matchmaking Afp

Lin is also critical of conventional matchmaking businesses that do not operate on the internet. In her neighbouring matfhmaking, professional matchmakers, mostly elderly men, can charge single men yuan merely for introducing a woman to them. If the match is successful, the matchmaker can earn 10, yuan. Even divorced women were expecting their next husband to own a car, house and have a nice job, she said, but many men did not meet such standards, making their search for love difficult. Sleepless in Hong Kong: Lin still regrets a match she made between a man and a woman living in Hebei, who broke up after living together for three months.

Lin met the man seven times as the couple dated.

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