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'Nathan For You' Takes On 'The Bachelor,' But Runs Into One Major Problem (VIDEO)

But because we're talking with real businesses and isolated people, it often means in an important due. Hsow didn't even muslim they made "Corey" a popular until a few drinks after we explored mourning and I randomly saw his bulging pop up in my life visitors. But as far as traditional people, I was with "Gary" for 3 easy of filming.

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And the goal is never to get people upset. The Nathann to making the show "real," in audience's eyes, is that the business owners and others featured on the show aren't "in on the joke. Some participants from Nathan For You have related that the series disguised itself and hid that it aired on the network Comedy Central. In the episode, Nathan claims he told Jasmine the cameras are following him because of his tightrope-walking plans, not for a dating show.

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The slight discrepancy suggests that, while the show hides its true nature from participants, Nathan and his character "Nathan" may be telling participants one thing and his audience another. Jasmine's comments Natahn revealed that the participants can feel embarassment when they realize they've been misled in front of a large audience. She said she was sad and disappointed to learn that the guy she'd supposedly been dating was not who he claimed. She added, though, that the appearance was a professional boost: Suspicions have arisen at times that Nathan For You employs actors in scripted scenarios, especially because fans have spotted actors on the show, such as Jonathan from the episode "Hot Dog Stand.

Although the crew plans for certain situations ahead of time and Fielder plays an exaggerated version of himself, the reactions of the storeowners and customers are evidently genuine. But no matter how absurd the scenarios and ensuing reactions are, all evidence suggests that the storeowners and customers are genuine and unscripted. Nathan Fielder in front of Dumb Starbucks Before Nathan goes to the businesses for consultations, the show's writers prepare a script and outline for both Nathan's plans and possible reactions. In an interview with SplitsiderNathan Fielder said, "Before we go in, I have a plan of what I'm going to say, and I have a plan for where we wanna go with it.

But because we're dealing with real businesses and real people, it often goes in an unpredictable direction. Which is really fun, but things can go wrong very easily. We definitely don't prep anyone to what's going to happen. We just go in and see what happens and hit the tone right.

Back inNathan Fielder had a segment titled "Nathan On Your Side" where he would visit businesses and interview the owners in an awkward and monotone manner. Plus a little disappointed. I guess I really liked Nathan. No, they just asked me if I Nathan for you fake dating show a dating website and if not to make one so they can use my pictures for the show. I've had my OK Cupid account for about 3 years. I didn't even know they made "Corey" a profile until a few weeks after we finished filming and I randomly saw his profile pop up in my recent visitors. Also me and the other girls before the first date didn't even know it was just ONE guy on the "dating show" we thought it was different guys and we would each be matched up with a boyfriend.

I was like, "I did not sign up for the Bachelor! Guys chase me, I don't chase after guys! In order to get picked?! They were like models and 10x more skinny than me. I was quite surprised when they got eliminated. Thanks for posting here, I thought you were really genuinely sweet and a fun personality. When you were standing up there were you ever in fear that Nathan would fall off the wire? The next day, the location becomes a phenomenon, attracting dozens of visitors and international media coverage. Fielder announces plans to open a second location in BrooklynNew Yorkbut the store is shut down by the health department. Fielder realizes that he has put himself above who he intends to help, and has become what he despises most.

Attempting to right his wrongs, he posts a sign on the door of the now-empty former Dumb Starbucks, suggesting visitors instead visit The Helio Cafe. In producing the second season of Nathan for You, Fielder and the show's writing staff's intent was not to produce something that would go viral online, unlike a video they produced in the show's first season that attracted media coverage, with people believing it was real.

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