Sophos control center not updating clients

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Enterprise console not updating from Sophos

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Sophos AutoUpdate could not continue because updatinng valid update locations were defined. Cause AutoUpdate is not currently configured. What to do If the endpoint is centrally managed ensure the computer is in a group with a correct updating policy.

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If the endpoint is not centrally managed open the Endpoint Security and Control application from the Sophos shield and select 'Configure Updating'. Enter your required updating details. If the endpoint is managed by a Sophos UTM see article Download of [component] failed from server [updating address] Cause The updating address currently set is incorrect or cannot be reached. The updating policy is using an incorrect password. What to do If the updating address is incorrect change either the central updating policy from the console or the local AutoUpdate settings.

If the address is correct and accessible by the endpoint computer the password set in the updating policy may be incorrect. Confirm what the password is and then re-enter it into either the central policy or 'Configure Updating' option on the workstation. There can be a number of reasons why the updating address cannot be reached. Things to consider are firewalls or proxies blocking connections or if, for example, the update address is shared via IIS mime types and port numbers have to be correct. If the endpoint is managed centrally error b can be returned to the central console when this issue exists on the workstation.

Installation of [component] skipped The check of update location share shows no new updates available. What to do No action required. When the update location e. The delay on the endpoint downloading new updates is dependent on the updating schedule. What to do Confirm what the account name and password are and then re-enter them into either the central policy or 'Configure Updating' option on the workstation. Could not connect to the server.

Check that this computer is connected to the network and that Sophos AutoUpdate is configured to update from the correct location with the correct credentials and proxy details if required Cause What to do Check the log for another, more precise, error mentioned below this error. Check the log for more information e. If no other information can be found check: Could not find a source for updated packages Cause The updating address is incorrect. If permissions are incorrectly set on the share this error can occur. What to do Confirm what the password is and then re-enter it into either the central policy so it can be sent to the computer's locally, or 'Configure Updating' option on the computer if not managed centrally.

What to do The most likely cause of this issue is that a firewall is blocking the connection. Another cause is that file and printer sharing is disabled on the endpoint computer. Error 0xb can be returned to the central console when this issue exists on the workstation.

What to do Ensure the Workstation service can be started on the endpoint computer. What to do Enable the account. Typically the parameter 'User contrkl change password at next login is set. What to do If the account's Spohos used nkt updating can expire updating will Sophso. You may want to consider disabling this security measure for the updating service account or else proactively monitor the expiration dates and ensure console updating clientd are set correctly. For further information on the password cliets check see Microsoft TechNet. What to do Check group policy for restrictions updatint the account name mentioned in the message. Also, check that there are no restrictions on when time during the week the account can log on to any cetner.

This can again be checked on the 'Account' tab under 'Logon Hours What to do Unlock the account. For more information on account lockout policies see Microsoft TechNet. What to do On the endpoint, computer check what groups are a member of the 'Users' group. What are the platform requirements for the Sophos Central Admin client software? What are the ports to open in the firewall? Port for administration and port 80 for updates. For more information see Domains and ports required for communication to and from Sophos Central Admin and the Sophos Central managed client software.

Does Sophos support querying the backend API for customer reporting and automation? Yes, see the following articles for more information: There are no supported scenarios for deploying the client unmanaged software. The endpoint software is required to communicate with Sophos Central Admin to obtain updating credentials and to download the anti-virus component of the product. What to do if the existing security software is not detected by the Sophos Central Installer? Sophos is constantly monitoring new third-party security products. These are added to the Sophos Central Installer to automatically remove them.

If the existing product is not detected or fail to be removed, see Sophos Central: Endpoint installer and the detection of other security software. Can the updates be centralized using a local repository to save network bandwidth? If a Windows operating system is used, then it can be configured to be an update cache. For guidance in Using a caching proxy server with Sophos Cloud see this article. Where is the information on proxy support?

Control not clients updating center Sophos

For details on proxy support, see How to configure Sophos Central and UTM managed endpoints to use proxy server settings. How will a Sophos Partner manage multiple customers? How are customers' data secured in the cloud? All stored data is encrypted and all applications are secured and running on secured operating systems. The system is load balanced and has fail-over between 3 sites, each running 2 instances of the software, any one of which is able to provide full service. Communication from the client to the Cloud is performed over HTTPS to secure the data and to enable the client to trust the server.

Where is the data hosted?

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