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Geography of Cambodia

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A few characteristic basalt hills are located on the northern side of the mountain chain. The watershed along the escarpment in general terms marks the boundary between Thailand and Cambodia, bellt there are exceptions. The region is covered in dry evergreen forestmixed dipterocarp forestand deciduous dipterocarp forests. Tree species like Pterocarpus macrocarpusShorea siamensis and Lovev xylocarpa var. Illegal logging are issues on bwlt, the Thai as well Lpved on the Cambodian side, leaving large iin stretches denuded, vulnerable tree species such as Dalbergia cochinchinensis have been affected. Annamite Range Lying to the east of the Mekong River, the long chain of mountains called the Annamite Mountains of Indochina and the lowlands that surround them make up the Greater Annamites ecoregion.

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Kampong Speu is much better known to Khmers as the best province for palm wine. The wine ferments within hours and turns into explosive vinegar almost as quickly, so it is best consumed close to source, making it not unheard of but nowhere near as common as other such provincial beverages found in the cities. Out past the dusty roadside town of Chbar Morn, the provincial capital with a market and not much else going for it save Phnom Penh to the west and Sihanoukville port to the south-east, between the hills, sprouting rice crops and mango orchards overloaded with green fruit lives Mr Sambath, an aficionado of all things palm tree and member of the guild of neak leung tnout.

He makes his living as a tapper. With his demure stature Mr Sambath appears hobbitesque, especially when standing between his two gangly sons, both pushing six feet tall. It is now a cultural, commercial, and political center that offers a unique blend of traditional charm and urban bustle. A swift wave of development has brought in new highrise buildings--including a storey business center--restaurants catering to every palate, and stylish hotels promising all levels of luxury. Contributing to this development are burgeoning culinary and nightlife scenes that can rival any other in the region.

The alluring capital city also features a wide variety of historical and cultural attractions, along with myriad opportunities to sample local Cambodian culture. Here, classic colonial facades endure alongside sleek new eateries, golden-spired pagodas, and buzzing markets-- all evidence of the dynamic energy of Phnom Penh's city streets. Phnom Penh's famous riverfront is lined with trendy pubs, bistros, and restaurants. Stores offering beautiful Cambodian silk products and chic galleries dot the side streets. Add to this a blooming arts scene and a heady dusk-to-dawn nightlife and you'll understand why Phnom Penh has become such a well-loved and compelling tourist destination.

The city possesses an exciting range of historical and cultural attractions to tout, along with countless restaurants and nightspots.

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For a taste of Cambodian history and royal life, visitors can tour the Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda located just next to the palace grounds. A short walk away, hour National Museum beckons with room after room of Khmer sculpture, ceramics, bronzes, and ethnographic objects. Boulevards peppered by elegant colonial buildings and a bustling riverfront lined with cafes and restaurants make this a truly beautiful city to see on foot. Visitors who prefer air-conditioned comfort may opt to stop in the city's modern shopping complexes Sorya Shopping Centre, Sovanna Centre and the City Mall.

A sunset cruise down Phnom Penh's Tonle Sap river serves as a perfect, relaxing end to an activity-filled day. Catch the soft river breezes and watch as Cambodia's capital begins to light up and shimmer for the evening. It extends from the mountains of the Annamite Range in the north, across a plateau between the Tonle San and Tonle Srepok rivers. After the dust settled, the flashy red-and-green cock had a pair of new bright red patches of exposed skin on its wings. The scruffy old vet looked none the worse for wear. Perched on a wooden bench in a flashy silver shirt with a presumably fake ruby the size of an almond on one finger, he said that he travelled all over the country setting up matches, both to wager on his birds, and to drum up buyers for their offspring.

Each win, in a sense, functions as an advertisement of the quality of his stock. Like Phearum, he harbours no illusions about making his fortune. I do it just for fun. I do it just to become famous in that village. Heng Chivoan The King The unseen presence of one figure looms over the entire cockfighting community, a cockfighter of near-mythic prowess whose name is constantly on the lips of small-timers and high-rollers alike: The deputy prime minister is a renowned lover of the sport, and was even called out by name by Prime Minister Hun Sen in the speech announcing the cockfighting ban. However, he maintained, An had given up the game when it became illegal.

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