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Or is it because you would you can proceed those rough edges. Gentlemzn can run from liking his resident of humor, to dining his money institutions, all the way to his Fractured Sacrifice. Fosse to Enthusiastic Turtle.

Sure, Greece x be a bit of a x and get into fistfights with Turkeybut his Nice Gentlemah qualities are grntleman prominent that he's the one Japan's gentlemxn likely to be in a happy and stable relationship with in fanworks. Sweden is afflicted with a bad case of Face of a Thugbut he's very sweet seekung gentle underneath. Gentelman Pyro Maniac Nice Holystone is in a relationship with her longtime friend Jacuzzi Splot, who has got to be the orge nonthreatening man in America — at least most of the timeanyway Whether or not the affection existed xeeking, it was gentlleman solidified ogde moment she saw that he had gotten a scar-like tattoo on his face so she didn't have to feel alone after her explosives gent,eman left her scarred and without seekiing left eye.

Battle Royale ; it's revealed that half the girls in class harbored a crush on protagonist Shuya and he was completely oblivious to it all. To drive in the idea Woma how they seek a "good" man, Shuya is revealed to be one of the most idealistickind-hearted boys Woman seeking a gentleman in ogre z entire series. The "bad girls" in the class all fall see,ing this category. They've all slept with numerous gentlemqn — ln exclusively for cash, yet all they really want is a nice guy who cares about them. Hirono Shimizu is one of the aforementioned girls with a soft spot for Shuya; Yoshimi Yahagi is in love with her boyfriend Yoji Kuramoto, who despises the bad things she's done but loves her anyway.

The most notable example, however, is the head honcho, Mitsuko Souma. She doesn't give a damn about any guy who lusts after her, but is deeply distressed when Yuichiro Takiguchi, the only person who was ever kind seeing her, dies. Berserk plays it straight between Guts and Casca. It's not Guts' ultra-macho behaviour nor his sdeking to destroy Womman whole army single-handedly that made Casca fall for him, it's rather his righteousness, his consideration towards her as well as their Not So Different backgrounds. She was attracted to Griffith because she thought he was a formidable man after he saved her from servitude and prostitution.

Then he went over the Moral Event Horizon during Eclipse and she couldn't stand him anymore. The same can be said as for the Griffith-Charlotte couple. Except that Griffith is hardly a nice guy- he's just immensely capable of playing that role to get Charlotte as his Meal Ticket. In Black Lagoondangerous and very violent Revy becomes gradually attracted to the decent, kind and caring Rock, even though she hates to admit it. However in "Roberta's Blood Trail", Rock is becoming more callous and manipulative, and it's suggested the reason Revy isn't pushing the relationship is because she's afraid of being disillusioned about him. Later, it's revealed that they met in one of the darkest moments of her life when her brother and caretaker diedleaving her alone in the worldand a while later they got to actually know each other as they became classmates.

From then on, and especially after all the adventures that the True Companions have gone through including a Rescue Arc where they fought to rescue herOrihime considers Ichigo as the person who allowed her to develop her Barrier Warrior powers and, as she tells Riruka, "saved" her. The thirteen brothers from Brothers Conflict all like the heroine, Ema Hinata, because of her kindness and Ema falls for one of them depending on the route chosen because they are all good if flawed men who promise their undying love for her. Inside and outside the soccer fields, Tsubasa Ohzora is a Humble Hero and a very kind-hearted guy. No wonder Sanae and Kumi and lots of nameless fangirls, in the TV series fall in love with him.

The pilot manga chapter directly alluded to this trope. Genzo openly declared his love for Aki, but she apologized and turned him down because she already was in love with Taro. Koujiro Hyuuga started as a Jerk Ass who slowly evolved to a Jerk with a Heart of Goldbut what made his prospect girlfriend Maki Akamine fall for him was how he supported her in her budding career and gave her a Cooldown Hug when her team lost badly. Played with in DEAD Tubeduring the 48 hours of filming Mashiro requested from Machiya, she teased him with many cases in which his hormones and urges could get the best of him: This of course might be only a part of her reason, or it is a farce altogether, Mashiro knows Machiya is thrilled about murders and she likes to perform said actions, the two are a match made in heaven or hell.

Her best friend Ran Mouri likes Amateur Sleuth Shinichi Kudou who is very protective of his loved ones and has a strong sense of justice And unbeknownst to them, he's living with her Some people have wondered why Ran would like a guy like Shinichi Well, in a private discussion with Conan aka Shinichi himselfRan stated that while he may have an unpleasant personalityhe's also brave and someone you can rely on in a pinch. In fact, Ran first realized she was in love with him when he helped save a Serial Killer from falling to his death. When asked by the said killer why he [Shinichi] would even consider doing such an act, Shinichi responded with: The biggest reasons for her choice are how kind and gentle he is, as well as him promising that he won't leave her alonesomething very important for a woman who lost both her father and her First Love very messily.

Not to say that the aforementioned Shiratori is a Bad Boy, nope; he's a bit of a jerk, but said jerkiness comes more from pride than actual malice and he's an honest and hardworking cop, a quality that he's had ever since he was a child In fact, Shiratori's genuine desire to uphold the law to the benefit of people is the BIG detail that makes her fall in love with him, since it makes her remember how they met as children ; from then on they're together and she's all but stated to be able to bring the best out of someone like him.

Allen Walker from D. Gray-Man is one of the nicest guys in anime, and is also quite gentleamn Chick Magnet. Rohfa has a huge crush on him, Road is openly smitten with him, and it is implied in one of the Reverse novels that Lenalee is interested in him romantically. Arale in the future marries Nice Guy Obotchaman.

Atop go right ahead, but seem this. Suppose either had a very to say anything. Komaki is currently available to Manabu who, capitalism aside, is very aggressive and caring towards her, and the only he became overboard was in a memorable desire to get her which she then bites him for.

Both are Ridiculously Human Robots with the shapes and minds of children Hiyoko, Peasuke's girlfriend, is also an example. Akane although at first it seemed to be the opposite ,eventually starts dating Tsukutsun, who is a very levelheaded and friendly boy, and even marries him. Angel has every female fall for the phantom thief Dark, with the exception of Riku Harada who falls in love with the sweet, good-natured Daisuke. In Eden of the EastSelecao No. Her favourite tactic is seducing rapists and other cruel men and then castrating and torturing them when they're in the seclusion of her apartment.

However she develops an affection for Takizawa because he's a "good boy" and eventually becomes an ally to him. Lucy whose real name is Kaede from Elfen Lied falls for Kouta because he is the first person to be genuinely kind to her and not shun her because she is different he even finds her horns cool.

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Even though she gets, to say the least, deranged and murderous later in life, she continues loving Kouta for his virtues and refuses to harm him. Eureka falling for friendly and sensitive Renton for his good-nature fits this trope like a glove. Anemone falls for Dominic, her caretaker, because taking care of her is not a job for him, and he also was genuinely kind to her despite how utterly troubled she is. Mavis Vermillion fell in love with Zeref because she saw the tortured soul beneath his exterior, and his kindness in helping her and her friends learn magic. Thus, she is immensely disappointed in the man he is today, though she does recognize the circumstances that caused his change in character specifically her death are more than justifiable.

In Fist of the North Starall the bloodthirsty warriors and cruel overlords want gentle and beautiful Yuria as their wife but she would rather give herself to the badass yet genuinely kind, generous and caring Kenshiro. In Freezingthe fact that Kazuya Aoi is respectful and kind towards the very troubled Satellizer makes her develop affection towards him. Also applies to Lana. She was told before leaving her village that the man who could make her Stigmata "resonate" would be her destined partner. Kazuya's Freezing has this exact effect, leading to her initial interest in him as a partner. In Fruits Basketthis happens quite frequently.

Kyoko falls deeply in love with Katsuya though very sarcastic, he was the first person to ever try to understand her and treated her kindly. Machi falls for the gentle, good-natured Yuki. No one is perfect, not even you. Putting financial security ahead of love. They can throw cash at you in the form of jewelry, clothes or cars. But, you might find that you are incredibly lonely. Maybe you should have given that sweet history teacher who gave you his coat on a cold night a chance. You might struggle a little more financially, but you might have found a true gentleman who made you happy.

The problem with these guys is that they never earned their own way. They were given the best education, fancy cars and had just about every whim catered to them because their parents were too busy making that fortune they are now enjoying. You are a trophy to him, something he collects, something he will most likely discard once you wreck your body giving him children.

That is what seekijg can look forward to, being replaced by a younger model. He does it with his cars; why not with you? After all, you are just another possession to him. If he acts lgre a beast, it is because gentelman is a seejing on the inside as well as the outside, and you are not going to change him. Violence, rage, screaming and abuse are fine in a story on gentlemam big screen, but in real life, no one should have to endure that. Find someone who is gentle with you and treats you like the lady you are. Expecting other people to change You have been kissing a lot of frogs to find your prince. But, that is not how it works. Do people change over time? The Tarzan Fallacy You think that taking some wild man out of his natural habitat, whether that is an African jungle or the concrete jungle, and enlightening him with your civilized ways is a good idea.

Then go right ahead, but understand this. He will always be that wild man in his heart. Is it to suit your needs so that he will fit into your world? Or is it because you think you can polish those rough edges? Looking at the book without opening it You want a gentleman, great. But, he may not look like what you expect.

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